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1. We will balance the speed and cost, choose the best delivery method for you. Most likely by courier.
2. Lightweight cargo calculation method: Length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 5000.

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US green8.22$
Foshan EUB8.62$
WISH registered8.67$
East China small package registered8.67$
China Post Pack8.94$
Shenzhen EUB8.97$
Beijing EUB9.07$
Guangzhou EUB9.25$
Guangzhou EUB9.34$
WISH bag registration9.53$
China Postal Airlines registered parcel9.53$
Guangzhou small package registered9.95$
China Post Airbag (GZ)9.95$7-20 Days
Ali bag registered10.03$
Shenzhen registered B10.05$
HLY registered10.72$
FedEx small price11.01$
NL registered11.01$
Singapore registered parcel11.5$4-20 Days
DHL registered parcel11.63$
American E parcel12.15$6-8 Days
Switzerland registered parcel12.4$4-20 Days
Hong Kong registered parcel13.92$
Sweden registered parcel (battery)14.53$5-12 Days
China Postal large land and sea package17.99$26-56 Days
Guangdong EMS promotional price18.91$
Shenzhen EMS promotional price18.91$
DHL small goods (battery)19.52$
China Post air land and sea large bag22.14$
Hong Kong DHL25$
Singapore EMS26.01$3-8 Days
China Postal Airlines Great bag32.73$8-16 Days
Hong Kong UPS44.9$5-9 Days

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