About us

Atupapa is a China based multi-language B2B and B2C platform.

For the view of B2C:

Atupapa is a marketplace, where you can find the most hot selling products running in China. Here is how it works. First of all, taobao is the biggest China domestic marketplace. Almost all the factory and trader setup shop over there. As a fact, when traders publish products on taobao, they set very low price, because the number of customers are very high. But when traders publish the same products on other exporting website, they raise the price, because the sell quantity is much less.

So, Atupapa is a solution. Atupapa convert the taobao products into multi-language. So, it gives you a chance to know what are the best selling products in China, and you can also place the order. When you do that, we will transfer your order to the taobao seller. Then they will ship to us, and we will inspect the cargo and ship to you. So, simply say, we are your agent.

For the view of B2B:

From here, you can also find a lot of exporter/factories, they display their products, so you can discuss the business with them. It's quite simple, because seller's contact is listed.


Autopap is operated by the hong kong company:

[East International Development (China) Ltd]. (Located In Hong Kong)

Mail contact:

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