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Teddy Bracelet Tractor Trolley Teddy Trolley

Teddy Bracelet Tractor Trolley Teddy Trolley
ID: 98241400030
Price 2.89$
Sold/Remain 8/47
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Know pet



Color Classification:

Pink Boat Brown White Heart Black / Dark Blue Leopard Red Anchor Anchor Pink Heart Yellow Mickey Blue White Heart Deep Blue Mickey Deep Blue Boat Black Heart


Applicable Size:

Trumpet (recommended 6 jin) medium (recommended 15 jin)




Whether it is scalable:

Not scalable

'product name': pet Decal pet traction rope chest strap (multi-color optional)

'Product material': nylon woven P chain

'Product Features': collar size can be adjusted, soft material

Bust and then these range of dogs can be used oh ~ ~ ~ ~

'Bandwidth: 1.0CM - Length 120CM Bust 25-38cm'
'Bandwidth: 1.5CM - Length 120CM Bust 32-46cm'

Chain, the quality is fine, the texture is relatively soft, please see the details of the details of the map and then buy

Set the dog two front feet, buttons and then the dog can be back on the back button, the chain has a sliding buckle, the size can be adjusted, see the details of the following chart

Chain of good quality, but also beautiful, please cherish the use, do not give the dog when the toy O (∩ _ ∩) O ~