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2016 new gifted UC18 miniature home projector | mini mini portable entertainment projector

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Platform Type:


Video effects:

Default 2D (support for red and blue 3D)

Cast screen size:

20 inch to 300 inch

operating system:

No operating system

Number of colors supported:

16.77 million color

Whether it can be hoisted:


Display technology:


Best delivery distance:

0.5-2.5 meters

Body size (cm):

117.5 * 83.6 * 43.5mm

Keystone range:


Trapezoidal correction:

± 15 degrees

Lamp power:


Lamp life:

20,000 hours and above

Source content:



Chengdu, Sichuan Province, multi - dimensional electronic technology Development Co., Ltd

Zoom ratio:

Not scalable

Applicable scene:

Children Puzzle Games Entertainment Mobile Portable Home Theater

Color Classification:

White projector + small bracket + HDMI cable + VGA cable black projector + small bracket + HDMI cable + VGA cable


UNIC / gifted




Monolithic LCD technology

Zoom factor:



12 lumens

Resolution (dpi):



1000: 1 or less

screen ratio:

4:3 16:9

Time to market:



Official standard

Light bulb type:

LED bulb

turn off In the fuselage without UNIC logo description : The projector without UNIC trademark and factory information for the multi-dimensional company's foreign trade products, the core parameters and with 'UNIC' trademark exactly the same, and the company provides after-sales service, please pro no doubt. Please wangwang consultation customer service!

Customer Information: Pro-please note that our UC18 only suitable for light dark places personal entertainment movies, not suitable for business, teaching, presentation PPT documents such as daytime strong place to use, but can not replace the computer monitor, alternative TV, any product Are a penny of goods, the projection effect of high demand, or want to use during the day, or want to use two or three hundred dollars to buy thousands of models of the effect of the effect of the pro-

Please see our UC50

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