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High - vision bird - watching mirror monocular telescope view mirror 60 times magnification high - definition mobile phone camera night vision 1000

High - vision bird - watching mirror monocular telescope view mirror 60 times magnification high - definition mobile phone camera night vision 1000
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Whether the mall with the paragraph:


Time to market:

Spring 2014


GOMU / High grazing


12-36X50 / 20-60X60

Price range:

201-500 yuan




Gross weight of 1.8 kg

Magnification type

Continuous zoom

Highest multiple:

More than 10 times



How to use:

Bracket type


Water nitrogen waterproofing

Color Classification:

1: Standard Edition 20-60X60 Standard (comes with desktop tripod) 2: Standard version of the standard + solid metal phone folder: can take the phone to shoot 'recommended' 3: Standard Edition standard + SLR photography kit: Shooting 4: standard version of the standard + phone clip + SLR camera kit (can be SLR, mobile phone) 5: standard version of the primary mirror + 1.4m high tripod 'recommended' 6: standard version of the main mirror + phone folder + 1.4m high 7: Upgraded version 20-60X60 standard (comes with desktop tripod) 8: upgraded version of the standard + solid metal phone folder: can take the phone to shoot 'recommended' 9: upgraded version of standard + SLR photography kit: Can be accessed by a single camera 10: upgrade standard + phone clip + SLR camera kit (can be SLR, mobile phone) 11: upgraded version of the main mirror + 1.4m high tripod 'recommended' 12: upgraded version of the main mirror + 1.4m high tripod 'recommended' 13: basic version of the 12-36X50 standard (50mm caliber) default hair 45 ° bending tube, for straight please leave a message

Beautiful, easy to use, good sealing, effective high magnification, optical stability and other advantages. High-animal husbandry birds, birds and so on. Mirror has been mainly engaged in foreign trade, exports to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, stable quality, low prices, is to watch the birds, watch the vision, full moon, travel a good choice!

Package Description:

'1'20-60X60 refers to the 20 to 60 times, multiple variable, 20 to 60 times between any one of the magnification can be adjusted, that is, no change times; caliber is 60mm, that is, the lens lens diameter is 60mm , Caliber affect the amount of light, is critical.

'2' comes standard with a desktop tripod, expand the height of about 25 cm, the interface and common camera tripod universal, for more comfortable viewing, you can add 74 yuan to the desktop tripod for a height of about 1.4 meters of professional high tripod. Standard comes with a desktop tripod also need to buy a 1.4-meter stand is 88 yuan, free shipping.

'3' This section is divided into standard version and large eyepiece upgrade version, the main difference is the eyepiece, from 5-piece eyepiece upgrade to 7-chip, while the lens diameter increases, viewing comfort, sharpness has improved.

'4' default hair 45 ° bend, for 180 ° straight, please leave a message, 50mm caliber only 45 ° bending, it is recommended to choose 60mm caliber bird watching mirror, imaging brightness better.

'5', choose to pick up the anti-package Please leave your SLR camera brand, different brands of SLR camera, we will send a corresponding brand SLR bayonet, bayonet sub-brand but no model. Brand.

'6' choose to take the phone package, in the connection phone, please refer to the description of the page, master the installation skills and attention points, is very simple, tighten the screw as long as the attention of the phone and the camera can be aligned.

'7' If you set the package set does not meet your appetite, please contact customer service price notes, other packages can be +74 yuan will be replaced by a desktop tripod into a 1.4-meter tripod. Recommended with a large tripod, easy to use and comfortable operation.

If your budget is not too adequate, or do not want to buy a very expensive telescope at first, that election is undoubtedly very appropriate, the price can be seen in the bird watching mirror is very cheap, to know that this is through the green Film of the lens, and nitrogen-filled waterproof anti-fog; the market to this model for the prototype of the same model bird watch there are many, of course, the price should be expensive. Some shops will be marked to 75 times or even 100 times Is to meet the novice buyers blind pursuit of high times the psychological!

This rate is 20 to 60 times the magnification, Also called the Promise times. That is, in the range of 20 to 60 any adjustable rate, By adjusting the zoom on the eyepiece, the target closer or far away to watch, and phase Machine and mobile phone zoom is a concept, the difference is that the camera is electronic zoom, and the telescope is a physical zoom, so the effect is different.

Bird watching mirror: Relative to the binoculars, bird watch the diameter and focal length can do more, can achieve a higher effective multiple, see also farther.

Binoculars: The volume is small, but the caliber and focal length is also small, the effective multiple is also very limited, generally not more than 12 times, otherwise it will significantly reduce the viewing comfort and imaging quality due to jitter, but because the binocular view, comfort even better A chip.

Bird watching mirror: Small and portable, easy to operate, easy to use, heaven and earth, viewing, view the moon correct.With the same size of the bird watching mirror brightness higher than the astronomical, field of view is also greater.In addition, part of the bird watching mirror internal charge Nitrogen seal, long service life, low maintenance and repair costs.

telescope: It is not easy to get started, it is not easy to get started, it is not easy to get started, it is not easy to get started, it is not easy to get started, but it is inconvenient to carry, but when watching planets, astronomy is better.

Export quality factory price

Kunming has a complete telescope industrial chain and skilled workers, many foreign brands, including YUKON put their products on the OEM in Kunming.When YUKON and manufacturers signed a good annual production contract, the factory will be planned production.If the provisions of a month Delivery of 10,000, the manufacturers will be ready to 10500 sets of parts. Because the volume of foreign trade is very large, so the parts cost is low, the ex-factory price is low, and this foundry are manufacturers, so the quality of matching parts and production management The level is relatively high, the product quality is good. And no brand value, the price is much cheaper than abroad. High animal husbandry is the factory's own brand, with the price has a good quality and price advantage.

Why is the price so cheap?
This product is basically the main export, domestic sales accounted for 5% of the total output are not, a single is thousands of thousands of single, so the purchase price is very low parts, ex-factory price is naturally low, plus we are factory first-hand sources , Low-cost running, so the price is very low

How many times is it true?
Including the multiple, including all the parameters are true and effective, there is no trace of moisture, exports of European and American products, if fraud, if the lawsuit that is going to bankrupt

What is this telescope suitable for observation?
Very suitable for the balcony viewing, outdoor observation of wild animals and astronomical observations.When the weather is good, you can see a few hundred meters outside the face, car license and the moon on the crater.

What about the observation?
If the correct use of this telescope, the observation is still good, the owner said the effect is good, there is a basis, we are compared with the same price of the product, this monocular telescope effect is very good
What precautions are observed?

1, do not use the telescope to observe the sun, the eyes will be more damage
2, do not look across the window glass, will greatly reduce the brightness and clarity of imaging
3, when the observation is first with low magnification, such as 20 times, and so on to adapt to high times, when the light is not good with low magnification observation to get a good field of view (multiple and field of view is inversely proportional)

4, summer observation time, because the high temperature, atmospheric fluctuations, resulting in image jitter will also affect the imaging resolution

(In the rain, fog, haze days, when the light is dim, the observation will be reduced, not the quality of the telescope)

When can I ship?
Generally before 5 pm photographed payment can be shipped the same day, after 5 pm will be shipped the next day.

What if the damage occurred in transit?
We will use the three anti-telescope packaging (anti-shock anti-pressure moisture) measures to ensure product safety to your hands if the product lost or damaged on the way, by the shop responsible!
What is the sale and warranty? OUR is a high honor telescope authorized agents, to provide one year free warranty. Before shipment we will carefully check the serious packaging, such as receipt of goods have any problems can be timely

We, we will give you a satisfactory answer.