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Pretty wigs short biss

Pretty wigs short biss
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Color Classification:

# 4 color dark brown (model) # 1B color pure black # 2 color natural black # 4 / 33M brown red # 4 / (27 +30) M brown maroon # 10 color flax color # 99J deep wine red # 30 color light chestnut


Fashion female

Hair material:

High temperature silk

Wigs banghai Category:

Qi Liuhai

Fake Hair:

BOBO head


sweet and cute

Product brand: Cutie type number: S-0028
long degree: 19.1cm (± 3cm error) hair wire: High temperature silk
weight the amount: 65g color Ze: Moderate
song degree: straight head skin: Simulation scalp
work art: Woven Resistant high temperature: 180 ° C
mold special color: # 4 color dark brown
hair long:
short In the long long
hair the amount:
less Moderate More
hit Reason:
difficult easy No need to take care
wear wore:
difficult ordinary easy