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'A 10' arm tattoo stickers waterproof men and women durable arm tattoo | realistic body painted scar

'A 10' arm tattoo stickers waterproof men and women durable arm tattoo | realistic body painted scar
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Normal specifications


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T-10 big picture set



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5 years

Use method: pro who received each sticker behind the use of instructions, can refer to. There is no clear place to consult customer service Oh.

Note: 1, when the paste must remember to remove the surface transparent film;

2, the back of the water directly wet, must be completely wet the whole paper;

3, wet the paper, the hand press a little hard, will be more solid;

4, paste within 2 hours do not get into the water and touch, the longer the maintenance time.

1, your tattoo stickers waterproof? When the bath will not fall?

Pro, we store all the tattoo stickers are waterproof, with waterproof and non-toxic materials, the normal water rinse is not out, but

Take a bath when you can not rub, to rub the words easily fall out
2, tattoo paste toxic? There is no damage to the skin?
Is non-toxic, the skin will not hurt, in fact, this is our most concerned about the problem, more direct contact with the skin, security issues

Can not have the slightest tiger. Taobao tattoo paste fish and dragon mixed, so we are personally procurement of materials to the factory production, in the raw material of this off

Key link above, strict checks in the ink above, we use the imported tattoo stickers dedicated ink, meet the standard, to know

The standard for such products is very strict, the main component of the ink is our usual soybeans to do, to achieve the food safety standards

So we can rest assured that the use, but also to remind people allergic skin, it is best to use the first, is not such material sensitive

Feeling, if it is sensitive, it is best not to use!
3, paste up after how long can be maintained?
Generally able to maintain about 3 days, we can refer to the customer evaluation of the use of feelings. Specific maintenance time and paste the location and the degree of protection

There are a lot of people who have asked to keep it for more than a month? Here you can give a clear answer that is not.

Tattoo paste glue decision, we use the glue is tattoo stickers special glue, the main ingredient is maltose, environmental breathable, so

For safety and comfort, we did not use strong glue.
4, paste and really tattoo a difference?
Pro, this is certainly different, more is the paste up, can not do and really tattoo exactly the same, I personally think that tattoo stickers and tattoos

Should be two different products, the tattoo is a permanent me, the pattern can not be easily washed away, and tattoo stickers like jewelry, you can follow

When the replacement, very convenient.
5, easy to use it? Can you wash quickly?
Very convenient, according to the use of methods, 20-30 seconds can be affixed, the removal will also be simple, scrub with alcohol cotton can be cleaned.