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Jieyou | USB3.0 splitter one drag four computer expansion high speed usb hub hub multi-interface with power

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Interface nature:

USB extension HUB




0.3m 0.6m 1m 1.5m 2m

Color Classification:

USB3.0 black (no power) USB3.0 black + 5V2A power supply USB3.0 black (no power) + Micro OTG adapter USB3.0 black + 5V2A power + Micro OTG adapter USB3.0 black (no power) + Type -C OTG adapter USB3.0 black + 5V2A power supply + Type-C OTG adapter

Whether external power supply:

There is an external power supply



① independent switch control: each port has a separate switch, do not interfere with each other, do not have the equipment directly off, no need to plug.

LED indicator: Each port has a light indicator, simple and clear, easy to use.

External power supply: To solve the problem of computer USB power shortage, no longer afraid of high-power can not afford. Can also plug in the power to charge a number of mobile phone Oh!

Power line default length 1M (for other length please contact customer service)

④ support OTG: According to the different mobile phone to select the corresponding OTG adapter, to achieve mobile OTG external U disk, mouse and other entertainment, office!