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Tachograph Power Cord | Cable GPS Navigation Charger usb cigarette lighter car charger plug

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Color Classification:

mini usb device interface / 3.5 meters longer (send tools)

Power supply:

Cigarette lighter power supply

For most of the recorder on the market, including E road HP HP, Lenovo, Newman, Passepartout, Czech Republic

Ferry, any E line, palm Road, the United States and the United States, package sunspots, the first section, Ling degree, King of Golden Diamond and so on.

The same applies to GPS navigator, belongs to the universal car power charger.

This link car charger output 5V 2A, input 12V-24V, suitable for car van universal, mini USB straight head

Specifications: MINI USB device interface

Length: 3.5 meters in length

Input: 12V-24

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 2A

Scope of application:
Dedicated car filling line. Suitable for ordinary car cigarette lighter. Used for driving recorder power supply.
GPS navigation charging. As long as less than 2.1A. This charger can definitely use! Mobile phones, GPS, MP3, MP4, Tablet PC, etc., as long as the logo is 5V less than 2A can get the normal working energy