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Huawei glory 9 phone case nine v9 protective sleeve glory 8 youth version of the frosted hard drop transparent all-inclusive heat

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Sold/Remain 135/1383
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Protective cover texture:



Protective shell


Guangzhou billion Electronics Co., Ltd. is

Color Classification:

Collection of goods to send support contact customer service for glory 9 black + film glory 9 China red + film glory 9 sapphire + film glory 9 black glory 9 China red glory 9 treasure blue glory v9 black + film glory v9 China red + film glory v9 treasure blue + Film glory v9 black glory v9 China red glory v9 treasure blue glory 8 black + film glory 8 china red + film glory 8 treasure blue + film glory 8 black glory 8 china red glory 8 treasure blue glory 8 youth edition black + film glory 8 youth edition China Red + film glory 8 Youth Edition Black Glory 8 Youth Edition Bao blue + steel film glory 8 Youth Edition Sapphire



Applicable phone models:

Huawei / Huawei

Huawei Model:

Glory 9




Glory 9

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Collection orders that send support contact customer service oh

Huawei Glory 9 glory v9 Glory 8 Glory 8 Youth Edition 2.5d surface screen

Package inside the tempered film is not full screen oh

What is non-full screen is smaller than the screen

Surface screen steel film will show different degrees of white edge if you mind, please buy carefully