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PEACH JOHN / peach pie | Nautical King | Empress bra set

ID: -456930000030
Price 34.44$
Sold/Remain 89/151
Expired or Cancelled

Time to market:

Spring of 2017


PEACH JOHN / peach pie



Cup material composition:

Polyester 100%

Crotch Material Composition:

Polyester 63% Cotton 37%

Sales channel type:

Shopping malls with the paragraph (online and offline sales)

Color Classification:

Goddess role


70B 70C 70D 75B 75C 75D

Panty size:


Panties style:


Waist type:

Low waist

Cup thickness:

Die in the mold

Shoulder strap style:

Fixed shoulder strap

Hasp row number:

After the three rows of buckle


No insert

Whether the steel ring:

There are steel rings


Plant flowers

Clothing style details:


Applicable season:



Young women

Bra style:


Peach Pai Wang Di Empress bra suit

Product Description:

Can not get her heart only fly ?! Glamourous empress with deep cleavage.

Both men and women are attracted to her, to actress role Aunt Han Cooke prototype bras. Imitation 'fish scale' lace cup, and elastic mesh gauze on both sides. Into the steel ring-type cup to create Deep cleavage. Lower body is attached to the snake pattern short skirt bikini. From the left fork can be seen glimpse thigh, sexy and charming.

· Lower body is S code.

'Cup inside'

B ~ D cups into the thick under the pressure forming chest pad, to create the same as the emperor-like round chest. Into the steel ring will be able to firmly gather the chest to enhance stability and full.

◎ Each product appearance will be somewhat different printing.

※ back buckle three rows of two buckle, a steel support, a flat bar

Product Information:

Material: Bra: Nylon, Polyester, Other Shorts: Polyester, Nylon, Other Crocheted: Polyester, Cotton
Production: Chinese system
detailed measurement:

B70 Bust 70 Bust 83 Shorts 160/85 (S)

B75 Bust 75 Bust 88 Shorts 160/85 (S)

C70 Bust 70 Bust 85 Shorts 160/85 (S)

C75 Bust 75 Bust 90 Shorts 160/85 (S)

D70 Bust 70 Bust 88 Shorts 160/85 (S)

D75 under bust 75 bust 93 shorts 160/85 (S)

Front view →

Inside the cup →

Into thick under the thick molding chest pad, creating a round as the emperor's chest.

Details enlargement →

Lower body is attached to a snake pattern skirt bikini.

← Front view

Both men and women are attracted to her, to actress role Protagonist prototype bra. Imitation 'fish scale' lace cup, and elastic mesh at both sides edge.

← Detail

Into the steel ring inward cup, to create a deep cleavage.

← Details enlargement

← Details enlargement

Deep left fork from the left to catch a glimpse of the thigh, sexy and charming.