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Product wins 5v2a fast 6s plug 7 Apple charger head fast charge Andrews phone dual USB multi-port universal iPad

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Pisen / product wins

Pisen / product wins charger Model:

Dual USB-Charger


China Mainland

Color Classification:

Dual USB Charger 2.4A (White) Dual USB Charger 2.4A (Silver Gray) Single Port 2A Charger

Applicable to mobile phone models:


Charger for the form:

Direct charge

Whether original:


When a single device is inserted: USB1 output current is 1A, USB2 port output current is 2.4A,

When two devices are inserted, the USB1 output current is 1A and the USB2 output current is 1.4A.

Dual USB Charger 2.4A compared to the traditional 2A, the charge faster current more stable, both single-port 2.4A fast charge IPAD, you can also double-mouth two mobile phone, convenient and quick.

Single USB Charger 2A: If your device supports a charge current of 1A or 1.2A, our charger will intelligently adjust the current, output 1A or 1.2A of current, without having to worry about damage to your device; if your device allows Input 2A charging current, the charger will output 2A current.

'White Edition' Apple phone and tablet

'Silver gray version' compatible Andrews mobile phone and tablet

(A small part of the Samsung mobile phone using 2.4A can not be charged, because the model comes with line current protection, please take the silver-gray version is more compatible)