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Charm blue note6 mobile phone shell | female Meizu X soft suit charm blue 6 creative silicone drop all-inclusive edge tide men lanyard

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Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Shenzhen City, the United States and Albert CHAN Technology Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Charm blue x girls little black charm blue x free fish charm blue x everything is OK charm blue x NICE charm blue x crazy graffiti charm blue x I am not bad guys charm blue x boys white charm blue x flower box note6 girls hi Xiu call note 6 free Of the fish note6 gilrs small black note6 gilrs small white note 6 you drunk beauty note6 crazy graffiti note6 everything ok note6 world only one I am charming blue 6 girls hi Xiu Xiuyan blue 6 free fish charm blue 6 girls small black charm blue 6 lucky label charm Blue 6 NICE charm blue 6 the world is your charm blue 6 only one of my charm blue 6 everything ok



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Meizu / Meizu

Meizu Model:

Charm blue X / charm blue note6 / charm blue 6


Little emperor


Silicone soft shell 5800