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Shangguo | charm blue 6 mobile phone shell | silicone drop protection cover | Meizu charm blue 6 mobile phone sets female models cartoon cute

ID: -410331300030
Price 3.19$
Sold/Remain 9/63831
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Shenzhen City is still fruit Technology Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Powder obscure cat shell case powder victory shell shell shells pink peach cat cat shell shell powder coated graffiti shell shell package powder small lazy cat shell shell set black rose shell shell set black open heart fly shell film set black dinosaur brother shell membrane Set black Meng Meng da shell shells Black Forest Bunny shell shell set black four panda shell film set black panda shell shell set black star rabbit shell shell set red arrogant ardeggite shell set red dinosaur sister shell shell package red bag girl shell Film set red naughty small new shell shell set blue cute deer shell film set blue warm heart bear shell shell set out with blue shell shell set of green dan leng shell shell shell green is your shell shell set of green fluttering butterfly shell shell shell set green Silky shell shells



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Meizu / Meizu

Meizu Model:

Charm blue 6


Still fruit


Charm blue 6