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Apple Laptop Charger 45w Mac Air Car Charger A1369 A1370

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Shenzhen Hongda Shun Technology Development Co., Ltd

Applicable models:

llano / green giant




China Mainland

Applicable Brands:

Apple / Apple


MacBook Air

Charger for the form:

Car Charger

Whether original:


The output voltage:


Output current:


IMPORTANT: This car is equipped with a dedicated charger for only June 2012 before the factory Apple macbook air machine use, power output: 14.5V-3.1A 45W (marked on the bottom of the notebook). If necessary June 2012 After the factory new Apple macbook air car charger dedicated charger Power output: 14.85V-3.05A 45W (marked on the back of the notebook) Please click on the top of the picture to buy

After-sales service warranty: one year replacement

'Applicable Model'
A1244 A1374 A1369 A1370
'General machine model'
Applies to Apple Apple Macbook Air 45W 14.5V 3.1A Interface Specifications: Full range of five-pin magnetic toothbrush elbow
Laptop model.
11.6 inch MC506CH / A, MC506ZP / A, MC505CH / A, MC505ZP / A, MC968CH / A, MC968ZP / A,
MC969CH / A, MC969ZP / A
13.3 inches MB543CH / A, MB543ZP / A, MB003CH / A, MB003ZP / A, MC233CH / A, MC233ZP / A,
MB940CH / A, MC940ZP / A, MC234Z / A, MC504CH / A, MC503CH / A, MC503CH / A, MC503CH /
MC504ZP / A, MC966CH / A, MC966ZP / A, MC965CH / A, MC965ZP / A

As the power supply for too many computer models, so the model can not be listed one by one, the main power output and interface the same, you can use, do not understand the place, please call customer service.