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Massimo Dutti Men's Accessories | Stitching Braided Bracelet 01631088401

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Autumn and winter of 2017

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Alloy / Silver / Gold

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Sea Blue M Sea Blue L


Massimo Dutti

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Price range:

201-300 yuan


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Stitching braided leather bracelet, made of braided bracelet, made of leather. Through the brand logo embossed metal magnetic button opening and closing.
Item: 1631088 Material composition:

Fabric: 80% cow leather, 20% zinc

Upper body Lower body Accessories Shoes
size 85 90 95 100 105
Hip circumference (cm) 96-98 100-104 106-110 112-116 118-122
size M L XL
Hand circumference (cm) 21-22 22.5-23.5 24.-25.5
size 110 115
40-42 43-45
Neck circumference
The soft feet around the neck a week, from the neck close to the chin to measure the entire neck circumference.
Will arm around the arm under the arm, around the chest to measure the chest height
3. belt
If you have a belt in your home, you can know your waist size by measuring the length of the third hole from the middle of the belt buckle to the length of the third hole on the belt.For example, if the measured belt length is 95cm, please select us Of the size of the waist size of 95.
4. Hip
Stand straight body, with soft feet in the hips the most full of around the week and measure the size.
To the width of the palm of your hand as the standard.
6. feet
Measure the length from the toes to the heel
After measuring the foot length, the length of the foot may appear between the two sizes in the size table, and it is recommended that the customer choose a slightly larger size.