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Hai Kang Wei as DS-7804N-F1 4-way NVR 1080P HD network DVR monitoring host

Hai Kang Wei as DS-7804N-F1 4-way NVR 1080P HD network DVR monitoring host
ID: 4041400030
Price 96.42$
Sold/Remain 2/822
Factory Factory direct outlet link

Memory Capacity:

1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 6TB None


HIKVISION / Hikvision



Monitor the number of cameras:


3 years


Compression format:

City service:

City logistics delivery door

16 4 8

Functional characteristics

  • (ACTI, ARECONT, AXIS, Bosch, Brickcom, Canon, Panasonic, PELCO, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY, Vivotek, ZAVIO) network cameras that can be connected to ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP standards and many mainstream manufacturers;

  • Maximum support 2 million pixel HD video preview, storage and playback;

  • Support HDMI and VGA homologous output, HDMI and VGA output resolution up to 1920x1080;

  • The new UI interface, support a key to add IPC and a key to open the video function;

  • Support real-time playback function, in the preview screen on the specified channel of the current video playback, and does not affect the other channel preview;

  • Support up to 8-way 4CIF real-time synchronous playback and multi-channel rewind;

  • Support hard disk quota storage mode, can be allocated for different channels of different video storage capacity;

  • Support holiday video;

  • Support a SATA interface;

  • Support fluorite cloud service, can be a key to configure the Internet;

  • Support network detection (network traffic monitoring, network capture, network resource statistics) function.