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Charm blue note6 phone case Meizu note6 protective cover men and women anti-drop silicone soft shell art relief

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Price 3.18$
Sold/Remain 26/24937
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Nansha District of Guangzhou City Xinlan Thai plastic products factory

Color Classification:

Warm Tip: the default to send full-screen white tempered film, need black please contact customer service - '2 pieces of reduced by 5 yuan' 'plus shopping car legislation by' - charm blue note6 'retro rose' charm blue note6 'magnolia flower' charm blue note 6 'art breakage' charm blue note6 'Angelica' charm blue note6 'dream shadow rose' charm blue note6 'Yanhong' charm blue note6 'white lotus' charm blue note6' jasmine 'charm blue note6' lily 'charm blue note6' Black rose



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Meizu / Meizu

Meizu Model:

Charm blue note6


TYZC / day industry into the public


Charm blue note6