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'99 yuan 2 pieces' Korean clothing 2017 Korean women summer new Slim was thin leg Leggings NF6185 Run

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Price 8.01$
Sold/Remain 18/42
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Material composition:

Viscose fiber (viscose) 75% Polyamide fiber (nylon) 20% Polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex) 5%

Pants long:

Pants / pants

Sales channel type:

Pure electricity (only online)







Color Classification:



HSTYLE / Han are clothing



Listing Year Season:

Summer of 2017

Item number NF6185
size S M L
Colour black
ingredient Fabric: 75% viscose 20% nylon 5% spandex
season Spring summer
Fabric elasticity Inelastic Slight elasticity High elasticity
Thickness index Thick section Moderate thickness Thin section
Version type Tight Slim Loose
length Short section Moderate length Long section
Slim version, foot paste design, better modified leg type; waist elastic design, wearing more comfortable, better fabric flexibility, suitable for most of the MM wearing.
Washing instructions Washing Instructions
Tips for washing Washing Tips
At room temperature washing, with color hit with the color with the wash with the wash
Choose neutral detergent, can not be wring dry, not hard to rub
Do not dry hot, dyeing clothes to low-temperature steam ironing
Hanging dry, not exposure
measurement method Measurement
1. Waist circumference / 2 (measured along the upper waist after lumbar lap)
2. Hip / 2 (the distance from the center of the zipper to the sides)
3. Pants long (from the waist to the mouth along the side of the mouth straight)
4. Front crotch length (front waist to the crotch seam)
5. Thigh circumference / 2 (crotch flat)
6. Trousers / 2 (horizontal at the mouth)
Height (cm)Weight (kg) 150 153 155 158 160 163 165 168 170
41 S S S S S
43 S S S S S S S
45 M S S S S S S S
47 M S / M S / M S / M S S S S S
49 M M M M M M S S S
51 L M M M M M M S / M S / M
53 L L L M / L M M M M M
55 L L L L M / L M / L M / L M M
57 L L L L L L L M / L M / L
59 L L L L L L L L
61 L L L L L
63 L L
Tips: due to personal differences in body size and different clothing habits, this recommendation is for reference only, please pro at the same time combined with the product size table and their own habits to choose the appropriate size.
size chart Size Filter
Underwear size Pants long Thigh Hip circumference Waist circumference Feet Front crotch reverse
S 79 42 78 60 19 23 29
M 81 44 82 64 20 24 30
L 83 46 86 68 21 25 31

1 Waist design
Waist elastic design, wearing more comfortable.
2 Foot sticker design
Feet cut irregular cut, patch design.
3 Alignment process
Double-line package, reflecting the quality of clothes.
4 Fabric characteristics
Comfortable fabric, suitable for personal wear.