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Modern car Bluetooth MP3 player car hands-free phone music u disk car digging truck truck general car charger

ID: -377141300030
Price 12.66$
Sold/Remain 12/13184
Expired or Cancelled

Memory Capacity:

No memory


Hyundai / Hyundai



Color Classification:

Silver + 8G memory card + outlet suction cup bracket (send two in one data cable + card reader) silver + 8G memory card + aluminum bracket (send combo data cable + card reader) silver + outlet suction cup bracket Send two in one data line) silver + aluminum bracket (send two in one data line) silver + 8G memory card (send two in one data line + card reader) silver (send two in one data line)

Power supply:

Cigarette lighter power supply

Sound source classification:

U disk

After-sales service:

Three bags of shops

screen size:

1.5 inches

Audio playback format:


Video playback format:

Do not support video

Additional features:

Touch screen support Bluetooth

Memory card type:

microSD card MSD memory stick

Player Category:

Car MP3

Signal to noise ratio:


Launch distance:

5m and below

Screen Type:


Whether with remote control:

Without remote control

Package Type:

Official standard

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At least 5 characters