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SAGA Sagmar card 75 times zoom monocular telescope high power HD night vision outdoor bird mirror mirror

SAGA Sagmar card 75 times zoom monocular telescope high power HD night vision outdoor bird mirror mirror
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Time to market:

Summer of 2016


SAGA / Saga


Maca II

Price range:

501-1000 yuan




About 804g

Magnification type:

Continuous zoom

Highest multiple

More than 10 times



How to use:

Bracket type


Water nitrogen waterproofing

Color Classification:

Package 1: Standard (with 24cm high tripod tripod) (with 24cm desktop tripod) Package 2: Standard + solid metal phone clip: then take the phone shooting 3: standard + sleeve + SLR bayonet: 4: telescope +1.4 m Saga professional high tripod (desktop tripod redemption) Package 6: standard + phone clip + sleeve + bayonet: can be connected to the phone and SLR (please comment SLR brand) : Telescope + mobile phone clip +1.4 m Saga professional high tripod (treasurer recommended)

1. 'Bird watching mirror' is also called the concept of the mirror, it was also known as the viewing mirror, viewing mirror; all right, heaven and earth, view the sky two affordable.

2. Bird watching mirror of the main advantages: relative to the ordinary binocular, bird watch the diameter of the bird can do more, the effective magnification is higher, the concept of far better; relative to astronomy, the light and flexible, easy to carry, Simple, by the majority of family balcony scene, bird watching, watching the lovers of all ages.

3. The advantages of this paragraph mainly in three aspects: First, 70mm large diameter, higher brightness; Second, the Maca mirror (folding) Set the refraction and reflection of the advantages of a ray in the barrel with a loop, short body to achieve a long focal length, improved resolution and effective magnification; third is more portable, because the card design makes the mirror body is very short, To achieve the portability and stability.

Maca mirror (folding mirror), is a bird watching, watching the vision, full moon, travel a good choice!

Package Description:

1, 25-75X70 refers to the 25 to 75 times continuous zoom, that is, between 25 to 75 any adjustable magnification. Objective lens diameter 70mm, are large diameter, caliber affect the amount of light, is critical.

2, the standard comes with a desktop tripod, expand the height of about 25 cm, the interface and the general camera tripod universal, for more comfortable viewing, you can choose packages 5 and 6, only need to add 74 yuan Will be a tripod tripod Redeem into 1.4 meters Professional high Tripod. Such as the standard comes with a desktop tripod also need to buy a 1.4-meter stand is 88 yuan, free shipping.

3, choose to pick up the package Please leave your SLR camera brand, different brands of SLR cameras, we will send a corresponding brand of SLR bayonet, bayonet sub-brand but no model.If micro-single, please leave a single brand.

4, choose to take the phone package, when connecting the phone, please refer to the description of the page, mastered the installation skills and attention points, is very simple, tighten the screw Just pay attention Clamp the phone and aim at the camera.

5, such as the page set the package does not meet your appetite, please contact customer service price notes, package 3 ~ package 4 can be +74 yuan will be replaced by a tripod tripod 1.4 meters tripod. Comfortable.

Bird watching mirror: relative to the binoculars, bird watch the caliber and focal length can do more, can achieve a higher effective multiple, see also farther.

Binoculars: the volume is relatively small, but the caliber and focal length is also small, the effective multiple is also very limited, magnification of not more than 12 times, otherwise it will significantly reduce the viewing comfort and imaging quality due to jitter, but because binoculars watch, Comfort even better.

Bird watching mirror: Compact and easy to operate, Easy to take , Heaven and earth, viewing, view the moon correct In the same caliber, the brightness of the bird - watching mirror is higher than that of the astronomical field, and the field of view is also larger. In addition, part of the bird - watching mirror internal nitrogen seal, long service life and low maintenance and repair cost.

Astronomical telescope: complex institutions, cumbersome operation, not easy to get started, not easy for the novice to master. Large size, weight, easy to carry, but when watching the planets, astronomy is better.