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Huawei glory 8 mobile phone shell glory 8 youth version of mobile phone sets of ultra-thin silicone protective cover wrestling all-inclusive men and women

ID: -347740000030
Price 1.59$
Sold/Remain 7/11615
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Shenzhen Shun Tong Precision Components Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Glory 8 'gentleman black' glory 8 'Chinese red' glory 8 'deep sea blue' glory 8 'through white' glory 8 'girl powder' glory 8 youth version 'gentleman black' glory 8 youth version 'Chinese red' glory 8 youth edition 'Deep sea blue' glory 8 youth version 'through white' glory 8 youth version 'girl powder' glory 8 'gentleman black' + tempered film glory 8 'Chinese red' + tempered film glory 8 'deep sea blue' + tempered film glory 8 ' Through the white '+ tempered film glory 8' girl powder '+ tempered film glory 8 youth version' gentleman black '+ tempered film glory 8 youth version' Chinese red '+ tempered film glory 8 youth version' deep blue '+ tempered film glory 8 Youth Edition 'through the white' + tempered film glory 8 youth version of 'girls powder' + tempered film



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Huawei / Huawei

Huawei Model:

Glory 8 glory V8


EARISE / Yalan Shi


Glory 8 frosted soft shell