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Shun Ante car audio line car with Apple car phone music aux line phone connection car audio line

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Car audio cable

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Telescopic models (white) Telescopic models (black) Bold models (rose gold) Bold models (Aurora silver) Bold models (bold models gold) Bold models (temperament blue) Bold models

'Product Features'

Connect the car's AUX audio input terminals to MP3, MP4, cell phones and other 3.5mm equipment with the cable;

Input Devices In addition to MP3 there are MP4 / MP5 / game consoles / laptops and 3.5 jack phone, as long as there is a 3.5 jack device can be used; For example, now the general mobile phone, MP3, MP4, PSP, etc. are 3.5MM output interface, A plug into the phone, MP3, MP4, PSP and other equipment, a car into the host with AUX, you can put the phone, MP3, MP4 music inside out;

(The car has AUX jacks are available) Such as: Ford Focus, Honda Sidi, Civic, Fit, BYD, Chevrolet Cruze, Le style, King Cheng, BMW, etc. 08 years after almost all the cars. Be sure to pay attention to take a look at their own car has no audio interface Oh! Pay special attention to the audio interface is not 3.5mm.

'Product Specifications'

Using oxygen-free copper terminals, plastic and other materials, high-fidelity shielding design, strong anti-interference, transmission signal effect is good;
Soft body line, good bending, to ensure that your signal transmission without interference and loss;

'Scope of application'

MP3, MP4, mobile phones, PSP and other 3.5MM audio output device connected car AUX host playing music.

At the same time, through this line, audio signals on a CD player or other 3.5mm playback device can be input to a computer or to a television.