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Children 3d glasses REALD cinema dedicated polarized polarized TV computer myopia common imax three d eyes

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Autumn and winter 2014


UNiHANK / Rui Heng

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Imported 0.7 plus hard polarizer effect beyond the brand TV original glasses spike Korean lens at home special theater 3D shock
Send 3D movie discs 8003 3D movie download resources, 3D China website VIP3D limited number of movie resources to send the end of the effect is not good to support the return

Buy Read: The recent emergence of many times the wrong product situation is to make a special note If it is a Tablet PC mobile phone notebook computer ordinary display ordinary TV ordinary projector network TV box TV player no matter how noble No polarized 3D function is not available Storm video and other players inside the polarized 3D playback function Must be polarized 3D display Other monitors can not be used. Millet music as the same model 3 D TV has two 3 D technology shutter 3 D technology and polarized (not flash) 3 D technology Confirm the use of 3 D technology after shooting Be sure to contact customer service 3D cinema instructions please visit the following cinema section.

Product special offer is none other consumers, helpless part of the 3D TV customers do not see products introduced photographed products can not be used to receive goods, but also malicious evaluation. Hope to see the use of the scope of the use of the wrong way to buy glasses glasses is the use of demonstration products only clip Please confirm after purchase.