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Vivox9 mobile phone shells backgammon x9plus female vivi full package vivox9s personality creative

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Protective cover texture:



Protective shell


Yangjiang City Walker Trade Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

X9 / X9s Universal - Skeleton Fish X9 / X9s Universal - Every day to the thin X9 / X9s General - Irrigation Fish X9 / X9s General - Eye Second Shark x9plus- Everyday to the thin x9plus-Irrigation Fish x9plus- Eye Shark shampoo x9s plus - every day to thin x9s plus-irrigated fish x9s plus-eyes second shark vivox7-skinny fish vivox7-every day to thin vivox7-irrigated fish vivox7-eyes second shark x7plus- every day to thin x7plus-irrigated fish x7plus- Sec shark x6-skinny fish x6-day to thin x6-irrigated fish x6-eyes second shark x6plus- every day to thin x6plus-irrigated fish x6plus-eyes second shark


Japan and South Korea

Applicable to mobile phone models:

BBK / backgammon

Backgammon Model:

vivo x9


Gview / King for


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