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Stereo Bear Trousers Pants Four Pants Small Dogs Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Pet Clothing Sweater

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Hipidog/hippie dog

Pet clothes style:

Four-legged clothes

Pet clothes style:

Panda outfit

Color Classification:

Blue Bear Red Bear Yellow Bear Purple Top Shrimp Top Pink Navy Top Dark Blue Light Pink Light Blue Kumamoto Bear Red Kumamoto Bear Yellow Kumamoto Bear Green

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XS/1 S/2 M/3 L/4 XL/5



Cute Bear Cowboy Bib
Has always been the love of autumn and winter in recent years
Exquisite lines, real materials are full of love!

Baby Name Materials Style season Design Features
Cute Bear Cowboy Bib Four-Legs cotton Four legs/cotton Autumn And Winter Cute bear, cowboy suspenders, warm with hood
Pet clothes are all hand-measured, there will be 2-3cm error, clothes selection rather big not small!

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Hey, hey!

A dazzling pair of big eyes lost their eyes and looked at you in surprise. There were two shy, shy and incomprehensible, cute looks. Really a bit like my baby.

Blue bear four-legged clothes

Yellow bear four-footed clothes

Red bear four-footed clothes

Kumamoto bear four-foot style

HELLO! I am a cute cartoon, plus velvet warmth, soft and comfortable gentleman Kumamoto bear autumn and winter clothes oh

The perfect combination of classic bib and three-dimensional bear.
Greatly increase the rate of return, Personality content!

Yellow bees and bears, chest-backed with a blue cowboy, for a particularly energetic dog!

Three-dimensional tailoring fit and comfortable personal, baby bed Yan Yan immediately scored!!

The hooded sweater with cowboy bib, the one-piece design is more convenient for the dog to wear off, the classic fashion outfit, you can wear beautiful and beautiful travel!

Tile map

Lettering cowboy style, handsome fashion

From the side of the front and back, it looks good, and the elegance is even more impressive!

A handsome back, once you've seen it, it will be deeply attracted by it. The creative pattern and quality workmanship really looks like it!

Cute Chinchilla, Comfortable and Soft

Fresh choices, baby boys and girls can easily HOLD live it!

Soft fabric, light and breathable, comfortable and comfortable, can better protect the dog's skin and hair health.

Zoom in details, only give TA better ~~ detail elements show ~~

Woven fabric, pure color, durable washable, long-term wear is not easy to deformation fade, long beautiful!

Work carefully, the rules of the car line are neat, a look is a high-quality clothing, fine to the corners