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Simulated Plateau Self-torture Artifact Control Low Anaerobic Lung Capacity Physical Training Face Mask Exercise Running Fitness Mask

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Zhou Fu

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Black Medium M 'Weight 60-85KG' Black S 'Weight < 60KG】 黑色大号L【体重> 85KG 'Silver Medium M' Weight 60-85KG 'Silver S' Weight < 60KG】 银色大号L【体重> 85KG 'Black Medium M' Portable 'Black Small S' Portable 'Black Large L' Portable 'Silver Medium M' Portable 'Silver S S' Portable 'Silver Large L' Portable 'Strengthened High Resistance - Black M '6-speed regulation' to enhance high resistance - black L'6-speed regulation 'to strengthen the high resistance - black S'6 gear adjustment' to enhance high resistance - carbon fiber M'6 gear adjustment 'to enhance high resistance - carbon fiber L'6 gear regulation' High resistance - carbon fiber S'6 file adjustment 'ordinary version of the mask to replace the cloth cover' note size 'to strengthen the high resistance 6-gear mask replacement cloth cover' Note size 'ordinary version of the 4 gear adjustment - high resistance 6 gear adjustment mask

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Summer 2015