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Smooth mouse | NF-168 Huntizer | Anti-interference hunt line | Line measuring instrument | Can be found 4-core cable |

Smooth mouse | NF-168 Huntizer | Anti-interference hunt line | Line measuring instrument | Can be found 4-core cable |
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Shrewd mice





Color Classification:

NF-168 honing machine NF-168 single transmitter NF-168 single receiver to buy 801 make up the price difference 168 NF-268 no noise hunt

Decoration and construction content:

Hydropower engineering

This is a difficult model on the market and many customers that hunt can not find 4-core cable, Huawei can not exchange hunt, yes the general model can not, because you have not bought this smart Rat NF-168.

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Brand: Shrewd mice
NF-168 (180 yuan / set)
NF-268 (230 yuan / set)
Name: Hunt Machine (anti-jamming)
Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Product Description: NF-168 new hunt is the company in the traditional hunt area of ​​a technological breakthrough, it has a strong anti-jamming function, especially when the measured line to connect switches, routers, cameras and other charged equipment, Clear and accurate to distinguish the line to be measured, Can be looking for four-core network cable, you can switch Huawei boot state hunt, It is an efficient and practical tool for the installation and maintenance of technical personnel of communication lines, and is widely used in telephone systems, computer networks, video lines and metal wire lines.

The following is the details of the two models contrast!

Product Features:
1. Support most brands of switches, routers, PC terminal boot case to find the line;
2. Can be found with weak four-core network cable;
3. The transmitter can be directly connected to the switch;
4. Super anti-interference effect of alternating current;
5. Transmitter with pressure function, short circuit function;
6. Receiver has a lighting function, headset and volume adjustable function;
7. telephone line hunt function;
8. Video cable, power cable hunt function;
9. Network line proofing function;
10. Transmitter has low voltage prompt function (6V prompt);

typical application:
1. Telecom network line engineering and daily maintenance
2. Computer network line project
3. Power cable line engineering and maintenance
4. BNC coaxial cable line engineering and maintenance
packing list:
1. Transmitter --- 1 set
2. Receiver --- 1 sets
3. 9V battery --- 2
4. headphones --- 1
5. RJ11 adapter line --- 1
6. Alligator clip fit line --- 1
7. RJ45 adapter line --- 1
8. User's Manual --- 1 copy
9. Tool kit --- 1
10. Color box --- 1
11. Cologne module adapter line

The following is a physical photograph of 168!

The following is a physical picture of the NF-268!