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Meizu charm blue note3 mobile phone shell silicone anti-drop charm blue 3 frosted personality creative 3s men and women protective cover lanyard

ID: -217840000030
Price 2.89$
Sold/Remain 7/880
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Shenzhen Huacai Che - hung Technology Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Charm blue note3 black show men and blue note3 black small new charm blue note3 ink bamboo charm blue note3 cow dessert blue note3 white dog head charm blue note3 American captain charm blue note3 smile road fly charm blue note3 good night charm blue note3 blue 廋 mushroom charm blue note3 black equation charm blue note3 long time no see the charm of blue note3 puppet girl charm blue note3 zebra charm blue note3 black and white dog charm blue note3 standing cat cat faint blue note3 cartoon deer stupid blue note3- retro floral charm blue note3- hammer you chest blue 3 / 3s Dairy Cattle Blue 3 / 3s Ink Bamboo Charm Blue 3 / 3s White Dog Head Charm Blue 3 / 3s Retro Floral Charm Blue 3 / 3s Blue Fruity Mushroom Blue 3 / 3s US Captain



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Meizu / Meizu

Meizu Model:

Charm blue note3


LolaCanDco / Lonardandi


Charm blue note3 silicone shell