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Wig hair piece female color picking gradient color long scroll horseshoe big wave a piece of card access

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Hair material:

High temperature silk


Macro show



Color Classification:

50cm 'Deep Purple Light Purple' 50cm 'Black Gradient Purple' 50cm 'Black Gradual Bauhinia' 50cm 'Rose Red Gradient Deep Purple' 50cm 'Black Gradual Grandma Gray' 50cm 'Black Gradient Sky Blue' 50cm ' Peacock Green Gradient '50cm' Black Gradient Powder '50cm' Black Gradient Rose '50cm' Warm Powder Gradient 'Special 50cm' Black Gradient Red Wine '50cm' Peacock Green Gradient Mint Yellow '


Change the hairstyle

Cosmetic features:

Increase color

Hair piece, both short hair hair growth, hair can also add hair volume, color hair can also increase the hair color.

Short hair long hair recommended the use of two, itself is a long hair can be.

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