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Love Silver Bracelet | Retro 925 Silver Jacket | Thai Silver Necklace Pendant |

Love Silver Bracelet | Retro 925 Silver Jacket | Thai Silver Necklace Pendant |
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Metal Material:

925 silver




Love / water drops / bells


Retro / court

Applicable gender:


Whether it is in stock:


Mosaic material:

Sterling silver inlay


brand new

Color Classification:

White opal

Price range:

301-400 yuan

New strange:

Freshly baked

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Brand Love VIOLEAR
specification Necklace size 40cm-45cm Chain is a thick chain Pendant is 3cm*2.5cm
Material National standard 925 sterling silver
Gemstone Wujinshi opal (synthetic)
market price Market production test price of 500 yuan
use Suitable for any occasion
Baby features Noble and generous, no matter whether it is used for personal use, it is a rare good product.
weight Baby weighs 9.7 grams

  • It is an elegant piece of art
  • Our Thai silver jewellery is hand-set by the old silversmiths. It follows the simple art techniques of the late 13th century and uses special skills to refine it in order to achieve a unique color and texture. 1. A piece of Thai silver jewelry is a fine piece of art.
  • It is a green and healthy product
  • Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect and is very beneficial to the human body. Medically, it is more effective than human gold for human health. It has excellent antibiotics and sterilization effects. The average antibiotic can only treat 6 kinds of bacteria. It works, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of germs. In modern times, people use silver silk to weave silver 'gauze' and dress up the wound to treat some skin wounds or refractory ulcers.
  • It represents the innovative spirit of culture
  • Thai Thai silver jewelry is the perfect combination of national culture and modern fashion. In the late 18th century, Marks jewelry was spread from the British royal family to the folk, and it is widely popular throughout Europe. At present, only 2-3 factories in the world still maintain the British tradition. At the same time, they combine the current trend with craftsmanship and style to present the classic silverware that combines fashion and elegance.

It has the beauty of the court retro

  • Thai silver jewelry has been subjected to 1330 °C burning orchid craft, with a rustic style, matte, old, old-fashioned, loved by the fashion family. Mainly with crystal enamel stone, garnet-based, red, black is Thai The main color of silver inlaid gemstones, can shine beautifully in the sun. Thai silver is used to match suits, evening gowns will not lower your identity. Thai silver has many styles, workmanship is also good, suitable for delicate girls is also suitable for pursuit Beautiful ladies and the love of generous men.