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Shark mobile phone telescope nitrogen waterproof high-power high-definition binoculars glasses ridge straight 8x42 concert

Shark mobile phone telescope nitrogen waterproof high-power high-definition binoculars glasses ridge straight 8x42 concert
ID: 20740000030
Price 47.73$
Sold/Remain 7/99
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Whether the mall with the paragraph:


Time to market:

Spring 2013


Sika / Asca


Military standard 8X42 waterproof

Price range:

201-500 yuan




630 grams

Magnification type

Fixed magnification

Highest multiple:

5 times (inclusive) -10 times (inclusive)



How to use:

Hand hold


Water nitrogen waterproofing

Color Classification:

8X42 comfortable and stable (larger field of vision) 10x42 Challenge type high-definition HD

Beyond is made up of sharks Developed a midrange telescope, rubber skin care Using the characteristics of streamlined arc watermark appearance, using a more complete optical system and more professional optical glass.

The brand of 42 caliber roof mirror meets Nitrogen water, broadband green film, BAK4 prism three conditions, the price can not find the second paragraph, welcome tasting, contrast, worthless shark four telescope factory reputation.

Learn more:

1. telescope brand I do not understand, choose what brand is better?

  • As the public on the telescope less contact, generally do not know which brand is good, resulting in this industry no-name numerous, quite a mixed phenomenon is particularly serious, especially the rise of Amoy brand, the shop independent brand, and then find a small factory OEM phenomenon is very common High price
  • The famous telescope factory in mainland China is not much, it is well-known Kunming Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is more than 90% of the products are used for export, looking for Shark OEM brand no less than ten, the mainland market share Than the very small, and the shark is the way its own brand, export quality, factory price.

2. telescope parameters I do not understand, how many times the election is better?

  • Binoculars are divided into Paul mirror (curved tube) and roof mirror (straight), the main or the house mirror, because of its compact structure, take the advantages of portable.
  • There are many times on the market a few times or even hundreds of times the binoculars, then you do not have to consider, cottage, pure to meet the base of the large number of novice buyers are demanding high-minded! General handheld telescope effective multiple no more than 12 times, Generally 7-10 times is appropriate, otherwise it is not too jerk discomfort to watch is purely virtual standard.This is why the military telescope are 7 times, 8 times the main reason.

3. About Suzhou Condor and Shark

  • From the shark from a single pure OEM exports to the beginning of 2009 to the domestic market, we look at the shark price and quality advantages, and factory cooperation, whether it is shark in the low-end C1, C2 series, or the end of BEYOND, W1 waterproof series, no matter which to the market have been very high customer evaluation, far from the current market no-name, OEM telescope can be more than from the workmanship, optical and affordable factory prices, shark brands have advantages.
  • At the end of 2012, we invested 150,000 abrasive and the development of this product, with the price has a clear quality advantage. Asika Beyond is a waterproof mirror, the real nitrogen waterproof, that nitrogen-filled waterproof for a mirror life is self-evident.There are many known on the market called nitrogen waterproof mirror, in fact not waterproof, can not swim Only we encourage buyers to do waterproof testing, real products.
  • Water is the source of all things. Beyond appearance inspired by the water, the introduction of the concept of water. The overall anti-shock rubber skin care, including the mirror body, focusing wheel, rotating goggles are collected waves or water droplets elements, both to improve the aesthetic degree and enhance the grip. In a similar mirror-type objective lens cover this detail has done a number of well-designed.
  • Beyond's 18 lens groups are high-quality optical glass, does not contain a resin lens, to ensure a lower light reflectivity, with the same caliber under the light, the image is more bright and clear.
  • Beyond uphold the excellent configuration of the mid-range mirror, BAK4 prism, FMC multi-layer broadband green film and good workmanship.