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Huawei 5S mobile phone case hanging lace female | Huawei 5S mobile phone sets of silicone soft fall protection sets of tide black shell male

ID: -199642700030
Price 1.59$
Sold/Remain 30/479
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Huizhou City Yifu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Paris Tower Prague Superman Flowing Spark Girls Bright Star White Big White Grid Black and White Stripe Wild Racer Two Little Do not guess Modern girl Pikachu Lost Map Goodnight Bear Small Floral Little Zou Chou Smile Snowy Mountain Snow Never Saying Fashion Tide Female Sexy Girl


Japan and South Korea

Applicable to mobile phone models:

Huawei / Huawei

Huawei Model:

Enjoy 5S


yiLa / yinan


Huawei to enjoy 5S phone shell shell