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Peugeot dedicated rearview mirror reversing radar 301/308 / 308S / 408/508/2008 live voice distance

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Yi Xuan


9399 Peugeot

Color Classification:

'No package installed' after the car: white mirror 4 probe 'not installed' 6 probe: white before and after 4 4 after the stripes 'not installed' car: anti-glare blue mirror 4 probe 'not installed' : Anti-glare blue mirror before and after the stripes 'not installed' 8 probe: white before and after 4 4 after the stripes 'not installed' 8 probe: anti-glare blue mirror 8 probe front and rear stripes 'not installed' Mirror 4 probe 'no package installed' before the car: anti-glare blue mirror 4 probe 'package installed' car after 4 probe 'package installation' 6 exploration: white front 2 front and rear 4 stripes 'package installation' 8 probe: white mirror Before 4 after 4 before and after the stripes

Alarm volume:

70dB (inclusive) -90dB (inclusive)

Operating temperature range:

-20 ° C to 80 ° C

Test distance:


Image voice function:

Digital display with voice

Number of cores:

6 probes

Number of probes:


After-sales service:

Shop three bags

Display Type:

rearview mirror


Sound light bar

Whether to support night vision:


About the front of the radar Frequently Asked Questions:

Radar sensitivity: the former radar will not be as sensitive as the radar, if the same as the radar and sensitive, usually driving will be very noisy (brake ring) high speed is particularly evident.North radar is starting from 0.8 meters, 1 meter began to measure. After installation, please use the loaded carton to test, do not use the human body test (the body will absorb the induced wave). Such as a very individual customer requirements before the radar and radar as sensitive, it is recommended to buy two sets of reversing radar product installation, Do not use 6, 8 probe products or pre-radar products! The company's R & D sales of 6,8 probe and the front of the radar products for 90% of the owners to use.

Radar: more than 80 km per hour: the brakes will be measured to the ground (ultrasonic technology can not be avoided), asphalt road is particularly evident.

Front of the radar: power 'snapped' a sound, power to start the sound (built-in speaker will, unless it is an external speaker, and the same sound system)

6 probe: the first two probes on both sides of the probe (G, H), reversing the front and rear probe work together, before the brake 2 probe work.

8 probe, reversing the front edge of the two probes (G, H) and the rear 4 probe work, the front of the 4 strokes work.

If you want to have no power that sound, you can change the wiring method, do not follow the brake line, the brake line connected to the fog lamp, through the fog lamp to control the front of the radar work. (BMW car is the same as the original car Principle, switch control!)


Although each car has a rearview mirror, but because the visual blind area will always exist, the vehicle occurred when the bumps occurred, while a suitable reversing radar can help owners solve this problem.

Install reversing radar can improve the safety of reversing!

2-4 probe reversing radar installed in the car's rear bumper above, 6-8 probe reversing radar is generally installed for the first 2 after 4, or before 4 4 ​​4. In general, the number of probes determines the reversing radar detection coverage Ability to reduce the detection of blind spots. More than six probe reversing radar in the reverse, you can detect the front left and right corner.

The reversing radar uses the ultrasonic signal to detect the obstacle after the vehicle, the microcomputer processing, calculate the distance and the position of the vehicle and the rear obstacle, and then sent to the display; and through the digital display and different frequency sound alarm to remind the driver to worry about the car after the obstacles When the car into the 'R' block, reversing lights, the radar system will automatically boot, into the reverse state.

The more the number of probes, the stronger the detection capability!

'Yi-hyun' is committed to the owner of the driving and reversing security, to provide full-featured reversing radar ---There are distance display, voice prompts alarm, azimuth indication and other functions.

'Yat-hyun' reversing radar detection is all-weather work, is not because of thunderstorm weather, fog weather, completely dark night and other effects, faithful for your service. This is the camera can not be replaced! (Camera will Because the dark night light, rain and fog weather and not see the impact)