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Huawei glory 4X mobile phone shell play 4X protective cover che-tl00h all-inclusive female models silicone soft lanyard tide

ID: -190742700030
Price 2.55$
Sold/Remain 32/7698
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Protector texture:

Silica gel


Protective shell


Hangzhou Ruibo Extension Technology Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Tu Hao Gold + KT Cat Rose Gold + Original Bracket + Rope Rose Gold + Love + Rose Rose Gold + KT Cat + Rope Ho Gold Rose Gold + KT Cat Rose Gold Gold Gold + Love + Rose Rose Gold + Love Earth Gold + KT Cat + Rope Ho Gold + Original Bracket + Rope Ho Gold + Love Swing Drill Rose Gold + Love + Ride Blossom Diamond Rose Gold + KT Cat + Rope Blush Diamond Gold + Original Bracket + Rope Blossom Diamond Gold + KT Cat Flash Side Diamond Gold + Original Bracket Fancy Drill Rose Gold + Love Flashing Diamond Gold Gold Burning Gold Gold Gold + Love + Rope Scratch Diamond Gold + KT Cat + Strap Flange Gold Gold + Original Bracket + Ramp Diamond Gold Gold + Love Flash Edge Diamond Gold + KT Cat



Applicable to mobile phone models:

Huawei / Huawei

Huawei Model:

Glory play 4X


Reboto / Rui Bai extension


Glory 4x

Huawei glory play 4X ultra-thin plating TPU phone sets

All Netcom, Telecom, Mobile and China Unicom can be applied!