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Jingwei | millet 5 mobile phone shell 6 protective sleeve drop five silica gel all-edged scrub hard shell female section 6 new tide

ID: -172040000030
Price 3.53$
Sold/Remain 98/24
Expired or Cancelled

Protective cover texture:

tpu + pc


Protective shell


Yangjiang City Walker Trade Co., Ltd

Color Classification:

Millet 5-lunar rabbit millet 5-rose millet 5-reed peony millet 5-rose dew millet 5-lobo millet 5-deer millet 5-balloon bundle small fish millet 5-pansi millet 5-loving cat millet 5-daisy millet 5-cat cat millet 5-ice cake piglets millet 6-daze rabbit millet 6-rose millet 6-retro peony millet 6-rose dew mousse 6-rhubo millet 6-deer millet 6-balloon bundle small fish millet pans 6 pans 6 - love cat millet 6 - daisy millet 6 - cat cat millet 6 - ice cream pig


Japan and South Korea

Applicable to mobile phone models:

MIUI / millet


Millet 5


Gview / King for


Millet 5 phone shell silicone lanyard five protective sleeve matte hard shell