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Deer road car park parking radar camera high-definition visual image one machine system rearview mirror real voice

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DearRoad / deer way



Color Classification:

Silver Probe Dark Blue Probe White Probe Red Probe Black Probe

Alarm volume:

80dB and above

Operating temperature range:

-40 ℃ -80 ℃

Test distance:


Additional features:

With night vision camera

Image voice function:

Visual reversing

Number of probes:


After-sales service:

Shop three bags

Display Type:

rearview mirror


Distance display

1: What is the sensitivity of the product? Will there be an obstacle?

On the sensitivity, this is a lot of users, there will be a misunderstanding, the radar is not the higher the sensitivity the better, of course, can not say that the lower is good, the product should be to take a moderate sensitivity, the sensitivity should be by the manufacturers through long- And adjust the good, which will be some cottage products, in order to meet the user's hobbies and do not understand the product, the sensitivity increased, this will make the radar there are many false positives, such as: rain due to rain on the probe surface, Such as the wind, blowing the probe, but also produce false positives, etc. On the sensitivity, in fact, as long as the user is to choose the brand of radar, do not worry, because only the brand products, they will care about the effect of their own brand, And will not ignore the stability of product quality, and blind to meet user requirements.

2: how is the accuracy of the product?

The radar is emitted by vibration of the ultrasonic wave, ultrasonic encountered obstacles, reflected back, radar received and calculated by the data. Ultrasonic reflection back to the number of directly affect the accuracy of the radar. After the obstacles are different, they reflect back Of the ultrasound more or less, the number of radar will be calculated more accurately, so different obstacles, get the accuracy will be different, such as the car after the obstacles are: the activities of the human body, high-speed sports cars, small columns, etc. , They reflect the surface of the ultrasound is not the same, if facing the side of the wall, slow test, we can ensure that you can get a high degree of accuracy.Therefore, this accuracy is impossible to calculate, we can not accurately To give you a reply.

3: Can this product itself be installed?

Product installation wiring is very simple, but need to see people hands-on ability.If you do not understand, we recommend looking for experienced technicians to install. Car repair shop installation, four probe radar installation is generally in the 60 to 100 yuan, this price is only for friends reference, different places, different people to install, the price is not the same.

Installation Notes:

1: the height of the probe installation, requiring about 50CM from the ground, if the installation is too low, will detect the ground, the probe will have a UP (up), a small arrow Peugeot, small arrows can be up, but there are special models, Bumper special, individual need to adjust it;
2: Experienced installation mechanic, in the hole installation, the probe card or hole dressing about, so that the probe pressure too tight, and let it not work, (probe is vibration issued ultrasonic), of course, Can not be too loose, so that the vibration of the car and let the probe to change the direction of the ground to detect false positives.

The color of the probe and the color of your original car is not the same painting, more or less will produce a little color, we will try to reduce this color, thank you ~

important hint:

1. Please ask the car technician to install this product.

2. After installation, you should confirm that the function is normal before you can use it.

3. In case of heavy rain, sensor dirt or damage will affect the detection results.

4. This product is for auxiliary use only. Can not reduce the driver in case of emergency control of the car. If the accident occurred. OUR is not responsible for the driver to pay attention to safe driving.