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Anti-radiation anti-blue glasses frame female retro men's round box near the plane light mirror computer Bai Jingting with the land of the Ang

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Price 20.67$
Sold/Remain 3112/28712
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Time to market:

Spring and summer of 2017



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Color Classification:

Black gold +1.56 Myopia black silver +1.56 flat mirror bright silver +1.56 myopia black silver +1.56 myopia color blue +1.56 plain light black gold +1.56 plain light blue +1.56 myopia color +1.56 myopic mirror gun color +1.56 Flat mirror color gold +1.56 myopia color gold +1.56 flat light bright gold +1.56 myopia bright gold +1.56 plain light black gold +1.60 myopia black silver +1.60 myopia bright silver +1.60 myopia bright gold +1.60 myopia mirror gun Color +1.60 myopia lens color gold +1.60 myopia color blue +1.60 myopia 'upgrade 1.67 please contact customer service shoot upgrade package'

'important! '

'With flat mirror', please choose 1.56 refractive index lens;

'50 -400 degrees myopia ', please choose 1.56 refractive index lenses;

'200-600 degree of myopia', please choose 1.60 refractive index lens;

'400-1000 degrees of myopia', please choose 1.67 refractive index lens;

The above lens astigmatism range of '0-200 degrees', more than 200 degrees, please contact customer service custom high astigmatism lenses!

brand introduction

HAN brand ('HOT AND NEW' / Chinese 'Han'), a brand of Eyewear Group available in Shanghai, was founded in 2010. It is a fast fashion eyewear brand based on the SPA model, integrating design, production and sales. Since its establishment Has been adhering to the 'fashion, comfort, quality, price' four 'core values, designed to create good glasses

Brand interpretation

We believe that glasses are not only used to look at people, but also to see people. HAN glasses has always maintained a stylish and minimalist design concept; in comfortable, free to wear experience, and constantly explore new materials and new technologies, so ingenuity and innovation cleverly into In the product, so that everyone can easily have good glasses prices.