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LUCKY body muscle double eyelid paste | flesh color stealth supernatural 30 pairs / into the two loaded

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net weight:

30 pairs of * 2

Double eyelid Product Category:

Double eyelid tape



Single product

Skeletal double eyelid paste two boxed

Specifications Type:

Normal specifications


Waterproof other

Shelf life:

3 years



Suitable for skin:

Any skin
'Brand' LUCKY
'Name' Beauty of your body
'Specification' 30 pairs / entry
'Colour' ------
'Origin' Japan
'Packing' New packaging
'Shelf life' Three years
'For the crowd' All the crowd

Single-sided and double-sided eyelid paste:

1, the general eyelid with a single on the line, hold up the curvature of their own can be adjusted, may be small, follow-up painting eye shadow is also more convenient,

Can be directly covered in the upper eyelid, the link of the baby is single-sided paste Oh!

2, double-sided words for the relatively thick eyelids, single surface is not enough to hold up the eyelids, run out of the equivalent of the formation of a line in the eyelids.

The disadvantage is that there will be a trace when the eyes closed

Material: soft and comfortable, breathable.

Very fine: completely invisible, can better paste.

Single-sided: natural and vivid, eyes closed to avoid the emergence of rigid eyelid line.

Skin color: eye shadow.

(Note: do not recommend hand directly from the eyelid paste, because the hands of grease, stains, etc., and affect the paste effect. And this is very thin and very soft, hand is easy to tear off the paper together, so very Wasted)