Kerry leaned Tanabata Valentine's Day gift natal fun adult sexy red lace apron Ms. * Butterfly

Kerry leaned Tanabata Valentine's Day gift natal fun adult sexy red lace apron Ms. * Butterfly

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: 1111
  • Time to market: 2015 summer
  • Brand: leaning Kerry
  • Material: 100% new polyester fiber
  • Style: 0847
  • Color: blue pink purple red white black yellow Rose
  • Fabric: Lace
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Clothing style details: Embroidery
  • Size: One size fits all piece suits (including flat color chart trousers) ■

Red: happy, warm

Black: mysterious, sexy

Rose: graceful, warmth

Pink: romantic, flirtatious

White: purity, innocence,

Light blue



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Specification: Double
Height: 44CM (excluding belt length)
Width: 54CM (excluding belt length)
Crowd: Adults
Fabric content: silk (100% polyester)
Production: lace, embroidery

Butterflies apron pleasant sexy translucent lace seems to tell a woman's flirtatious and tenderness, pity it is endless.

Someone asked: you first focus on which parts of a woman's body?
Some people say that the face was said to be the chest, also said to be hip, and some say the legs, but that is rarely the beginning
Note that they went to the neck, shoulders, back. In fact, the latter is the most can not be ignored site. People often
He says, some good-looking woman, at first glance nothing, getting more and more beautiful; some women are not looking, early
See scared

Yan, look for a long time on boring. Neck, shoulders, back is the kind of good-looking site,
The apron will be decorated these engaging portions unique style.

With a gorgeous and simple concept of deconstruction clothing future wind, to a new approach emphasizes folk, is 'apron' appears
Reasons. Qianzhu a thin neck, two ribbons restraints waist, small apron, the female
Beautiful young people to show exhaustive, in particular? Thin wooden walls sigh vertebral ⒓ confused ⒈ orange Moe?
Exceedingly envious. In this season, leaning Kerry with you long reservoir
Innocent little catharsis on the apron ......

Specifications Introduction: Size, apron mainly by adjusting the belt size,
Not very fat can wear, the specific size please refer to the description of the baby or consult customer service.
Washing tips: Hand wash only, and other non-clothing shuffling. Should not be soaked, pour a few drops of cold water
Laundry detergent, light drift a couple of buttons. Do not squeeze, dry shade, not exposure. Initial water may be slightly dark fade.
Precautions: Personal Display differences may cause slight color difference, product colors prevail in kind.
All products taken in kind, due to objective reasons can not accept the color friend careful purchase.