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Yijia Valentine Tanabata Festival gift fun Benming year red lace adult sexy ladies belly * Dielianhua

Yijia Valentine Tanabata Festival gift fun Benming year red lace adult sexy ladies belly * Dielianhua
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name:
  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Brand: Yijia
  • Material composition: New polyester fiber 100%
  • Ref
  • Color classification: light blue white pink light purple red red yellow yellow black
  • Fabric: lace
  • Pattern: plant flowers
  • Clothing style details: embroidery
  • Size: One piece even code suit (including color flat pants)

Red: festive, warm

Black: mysterious, sexy

Rose: graceful, warmth

Pink: romantic, charming

White: pure, pure and flawless

Light blue


Light purple

Where to buy Yi Jia Dudou are presented a lovely belly bag a yarn bag, send a friend to send love, exquisite!

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Specifications: double
Height: 44CM (without belt length)
Width: 54CM (without belt length)
Population: Adults
Fabric composition: Imitation silk (polyester fiber 100%)
Production: lace, embroidery

Dielianhua Dudou sexy Keren, translucent lace as if telling a woman's tenderness and tenderness, it is pity.

Some people ask: What is your first concern about a woman's body parts?
Some people say that the face, it was said to be chest, there are people that are hip, some people say that legs, but few people are the beginning
To pay attention to their neck, shoulders, back. In fact, the latter is the most part can not be ignored.
Said that some women engaging, at first glance nothing more to see more beautiful; some women are not intolerable, early
See scared

Yan, look for a long time on the boring neck, shoulder, back is the kind of engaging parts,
While the stomachers will be able to look at the location of these decorations unique style.

With the concept of gorgeous and simple deconstruction of the future of clothing, with a new way of emphasizing folklore, is 'Dudou' appear
Reason .A thin line to hold the neck, two ribbon to live thin waist, small belly pocket, let the female
People to showcase the good youth, especially the wall sagging wood thin ⒓ 橙 orange Meng?
Enough to envy in this season, Yi Jia take you for a long time possession
Innocently vent in the small stomachers ... ...

Specifications: Average size, stomachers mainly rely on tape to adjust the size,
Not very fat can wear, the specific size, please refer to baby description or consultation customer service.
Washing tips: Only hand wash, and other clothing can not be mixed wash should not be soaked, pour a few drops of cold water
Do not squeeze, Yin dry, not exposure. Dark water may be the first time a slight fade.
Precautions: Personal display differences may cause a slight color difference, the product color to prevail in kind.
All products in-kind shooting, can not accept the objective causes the color of the friend carefully purchased.