Converse men 's shoes 2016 autumn and winter cortical open laugh casual shoes 101503

Converse men 's shoes 2016 autumn and winter cortical open laugh casual shoes 101503

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Converse / Converse SH1008
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Color Classification: Black White Black Red Navy Blue Beige White
  • Ref: SH1008
  • Brand: Converse / Converse
  • Time to market: 2016 winter
  • Tag price: 499
  • Gender: Male and female generic
  • Upper height: low to help
  • Help surface material: patent leather
  • Sole material: non-slip rubber
  • Function: non-slip wear-resistant breathable light
  • Shoe size: 35 35.5 36 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 40 40.5 41 42 42.5 43 44 44.5 45
  • Closed way: lace
  • Canvas shoes design: solid color
  • Whether the flaw: No
  • Sports Series: Life and leisure
  • Popular elements: shallow mouth
  • style: Casual

Recent customer response cortex openings Laomo feet, Xiaobian also very distressed you, explain here The way to recommend some small way to hope you can solve the trouble.

First of all, the Converse crotch laugh with high quality cow leather as the fabric, which is characterized by fine grain, thick cortex, high strength, its fullness and elasticity is also better. You wear at first, uncomfortable and grinding feet, here, Xiao Bian said, shop to ensure that all genuine goods, you can rest assured to buy

Converse cortex openings smile shoes most likely to wear the foot of the place - heel

1. with a wet towel in the foot part of the shoe cover a few minutes, and then take a block of soft towel wrapped crowded feet, And after grinding will not wear a foot.
2. get a newspaper, into a ball, dip a little water, not too wet, but the whole group are stained with water, and then take the dry paper wrapped in dry newspaper, stuffed in the crowded feet, and then shoes Sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, on it.
3. If the new shoe is too small and Jiaoshuo, may wish to wet with a wet towel, and then wedge Xieda, wear it on the foot.
4. shoes before putting on, take a block of soap (usually with a candle can also be) in contact with the heel most of the part of the cast a thin layer, the heel will become smooth and therefore no longer grinding the foot.

If you have any small coup, may wish to comment in the area to express it, here Xiaobian sincerely hope you buy a nice and appropriate shoes