Specials Kangma Shi elastic self-adhesive bandage | pressure elastic wristbands football basketball sports ankle nursing waist knee

Specials Kangma Shi elastic self-adhesive bandage | pressure elastic wristbands football basketball sports ankle nursing waist knee

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2012
  • Brand: Kindmax / Kang Ma Shi
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Color classification: blue camouflage color orange green camouflage yellow camouflage dark green purple purple camouflage white pink brown camouflage black camouflage red green sky blue blue red camouflage yellow black
  • Item No .: LAP-50
  • Type of protective gear: sports bandages
  • Sports Outdoor: Badminton Table Tennis Tennis Soccer Basketball Billiard Baseball Golf Squash Bowling Bike Skating Yoga Dance Rugby F1 Racing Volleyball Equipment Fitness Martial Arts Ice Fitness Other
  • Size: 2.5 cm * 4.6 m (one package) 5 cm * 4.6 m (one package) 7.5 cm * 4.6 m (one package) 10 cm * 4.6 m (one package)

Self-adhesive bandage (non-woven)

Kindmax cohesive wrap has a combination of a strength elastic general non-woven cloth and a latex coating which allows cohesiveproperties. We can use the bandage to identify them in light of different aims.

Kindmax self-adhesive bandage (non-woven type) is Using a certain non-woven fabricated from the processing technology. The product is not sticky, the use of polymer adhesive self-adhesive and the formation of self-adhesive, self-adhesive products, easy to tear, easy to open, non-stick skin, hair, elasticity, good ventilation, sports support, sports protection, first aid Ideal supplies.

Look before you shoot

Customer questions one

Why are you this bandage cheap, is defective?

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Customer inquiries II

What is the advantage of self-adhesive bandage?

Our non-woven self-adhesive bandage is a variety of specifications can be used for finger wrist knee shoulder elbow ankle, etc. need to protect the joints

Product breathable, non-stick hair, easy to use, good protection. Because the product is disposable, it is recommended that customers can buy a few volumes, a length of 4.6 meters (bandage stretch length)

Each purchase of our products we will send a bandage manual, so that you want to use the good you buy the product!

This non-woven elastic self-adhesive bandage is a new and old customers back to the product, the price close to the cost price. If the pursuit of high-quality customers, please select our mall Another cotton self-adhesive bandage

As the production of different batches may have some differences in packaging, but the products are our Shanghai Kangma Shi Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. factory production, product quality is better.

Product Usage:

Sports protection: According to the actual needs of any part of the body wrapped in the provision of adjustable tightening force to prevent joint and muscle injury during exercise can also be used as a wrist, knee, ankle, elbow and other protective equipment?

Special parts of the dressing fixed;

Burn and postoperative compression bandaging;

Varicose bandage of lower extremities;

Splint fixation;

Joint fixed protection

Bandage - dressing method

(A) of the bandaging method
For the smaller limbs or cylindrical parts, such as the hands, feet, wrist and forehead, also used for a variety of bandage at the beginning of the bandage upward, with the right hand grip, the bandage about 8cm, left thumb will bandage Head to be fixed to the site of dressing, the right hand part of a continuous loop dressing, the number of volumes according to need, with the twisted cloth fixed bandage end.

(B) spiral bandage method
For the approximate equal parts of the circumference, such as the upper arm, fingers, etc .. From the beginning of the first loop from the first wrap two volumes, and then to the proximal 30 ° angle spiral wound, each volume overlap the previous volume 2/3, In the first aid in the absence of bandages or temporary fixation of splints each week when the bandages do not cover each other, said the snake-like bandage method.

(C) of the anti-fold spiral method
Such as the forearm, calf, thigh, etc., began to do two weeks of circular bandage, do the spiral wrap, and then hold the thumb with one hand above the middle of the tape, the other hand with the tape from the anti- Fold down, over the previous week 1/3 or 2 / 3. Each fold should be neatly arranged in a straight line, but each fold should not be in the wound and bone bulge Department.

(D) '8' -shaped bandage method
For the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, and other joint parts of the dressing and fixation of clavicular fractures to the elbow, for example, the first in the middle of the joint bandaged two volumes, bandages around the first to the joint, and then by the flexor side around the joint below , Over the back side of the limb to the limb flexor side and then around to the top of the joint, so repeated, was '8' word in the upper and lower binding bandaged, each volume overlap with the previous volume 2/3, the last bandaged above the joint 2 Volume, tape fixed.

(E) back to the bandaging method
For the head, fingertips and limb stump, for a series of about or back and forth back bandage, will be bandaged parts of all covered, and then for the circular bandage two?