The companion piece children orthotics | Children arch support | flatfoot X-type legs splayed feet inside and outside the O-shaped legs

The companion piece children orthotics | Children arch support | flatfoot X-type legs splayed feet inside and outside the O-shaped legs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: Boots of companion
  • Are malls the same paragraph: No
  • Product Number: A09
  • Color Category: Blue color code S code blue L S code L code color transparent transparent L S code red code red S code L code
  • Size: Other Size

This paragraph is genuine, cheap and inferior non-bulk market
product name: Children with Type orthotics
product material: Silicone materials (the price of this product is a pair of price, making a double means one)
Product Size:
L code: Length 9.7cm wide and 5.2cm thick (arch) 0.6cm suitable for children 3-6 years old or so
S code: Length 8.4cm wide and 4.3cm thick (arch) 0.5cm suitable for children 1-2 years old or so

Transparent section and subsection flannel difference: Velvet paragraph Than the transparent section covering the surface layer of velvet cloth pad, while other specifications exactly the same description, the product is in the arch of the foot pad below, namely: affixed inside the shoe soles of the feet, against the inner upper place, the product only the soles of the feet pad site, which was small normal.

Product Features: It can help correct longitudinal arch subsidence, both inside and outside character, XO type legs, heel varus, etc., on the medial longitudinal arch support applying a moderate uplift forces, buffer shocks, improve flat feet, inside and outside the character, XO type legs plantar pressure distribution, play a the corrective action.

Instructions: Remove the bottom surface of the tape, namely: protection film, direct glued inside the shoe soles of the feet below the medial longitudinal arch position (that is, of the sole corresponding to the place) (Note that the first shoes clean, then stick).

market outlook: Counterfeit products is very large, most of the use of poor quality recycled silicone production, and then dumping the market at low prices. Saying you pay for, in the orthotics market is never an exception. Please select a user, you need to carefully distinguish between Youpin and the difference between defective, so as not to be fooled.

Evaluation manager: This product is especially designed for children 6 years of age, the use of silicone material, self-adhesive, stick in the shoe will not slip. Soft, comfortable, flexible, suitable for young children. At the same time, to remind the user to correct, and so great age, but also easily lead thumb valgus, pelvis straight, spine, leg length and other.