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Pediatric Orthopedic Insoles | Children Pedicle Shank Pad | Flat Feet Inside & Outside Legs X-Leg Legs O-Legs

Pediatric Orthopedic Insoles | Children Pedicle Shank Pad | Flat Feet Inside & Outside Legs X-Leg Legs O-Legs
Product code: 9781700030
Unit price 2.4$
Sold quantity 5684
Available stock 1979

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: boots of the companion
  • Whether the mall with the money: No
  • Item No .: A09
  • Color classification: blue S code blue L code color S color code L code transparent S code transparent L code red S code red L code
  • Size: other sizes

This paragraph is genuine, non-market low-priced shoddy bulk cargo
product name: Children's corrective insoles
product material: Silicone material (the price of this product is a pair of prices, making a pair that is)
Product Size:
L code: Long 9.7cm wide 5.2cm thick (arch Department) 0.6cm for children 3-6 years old or so
S Code: Length 8.4cm wide and 4.3cm thick (arch Department) 0.5cm for 1-2 years old children

Transparent models and velvet section of the difference: Flannel section Than the transparent section of the surface covered with a layer of velvet fabric, the other specifications are exactly the same time that this product is pad under the arch, that is: affixed to the inside of the soles of the feet soles of the feet, relying on the upper place, Only pad the soles of the feet, was small normal.

Product Features: XO-type leg, heel medial valgus, etc., on the inside of the longitudinal arch to exert an appropriate support force, cushion shock, improve the flat feet, inside and outside the character, XO-type foot pressure distribution, play a certain Of the correction effect.

Instructions: Tear off the bottom surface of the adhesive tape, that is: protective film, directly in the soles of the foot inside the longitudinal arch position (that is, the heart of the corresponding office.) (Note first clean shoes, and then stick).

market outlook: Counterfeit products is very large, the majority of the use of low-quality recycled silicone production, and then dumping the market at low prices. As the saying goes, a penny in the correction of the insoles market is no exception, please select the user need to carefully distinguish excellent products And the difference between defective, so as not to be deceived.

Manager Rating: This product is specially designed for children under the age of 6, the use of silicone material, comes with sticky, sticky shoes will not slide. Soft and comfortable, flexible, suitable for young children to use, while reminding the user correction, age is also easy to cause the thumb Valgus, pelvic malformation, scoliosis, long legs and so on.