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American country minimalist living room hanging LED lighting | Continental retro Mediterranean restaurant atmosphere bedroom lighting Package

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Product parameters:

  • The number of light source: 10
  • Chandelier Type: Iron Chandelier
  • Brand: s · m · t · s / Poetic Beauty Tesi
  • Model: D916008
  • Smart Type: other smart
  • Lamps shape: dual suction hanging chandeliers
  • The number of lamp: 8
  • Shade auxiliary material: plexiglass
  • Light Body auxiliary material: Iron
  • Irradiated area: 10 square meters-15 square meters
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Color Classification: study) three heads, "to send three color temperature LED light" smoke hanging dual study) under three "Get restaurant tri-color LED) Fifth head" to send three-color LED restaurants) under five "to send three-color LED bedroom ) six head "to send three-color LED bedrooms) under six" send tri-color LED living room) eight heads "to send three-color LED living room) at eight" Get tricolor LED den) three "Get tri-color LED light source." dual suction lift restaurant) five "Get tricolor LED bedrooms) six" Get tricolor LED living room) eight "Get tricolor LED living room) ten" send tri-color LED 4 head "to send three-color LED light source" suck hanging dual 6 "to send three-color LED 8 head" to send three-color LED premium hardcover three-piece three-piece three-piece American wild Wujiantao Five-piece Pierre luxurious eight sets
  • Light Body main material: Iron
  • Shade material: plexiglass
  • Light source type: Incandescent LED energy-saving lamps
  • Process: painting grinding
  • Whether lamps with light source: take light source
  • Application of space: Living room dining room den bedroom other / other
  • Style: American minimalist

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