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Canon Nikon SLR filter. The Canon Nikon SLR filter

Canon Nikon SLR filter. The Canon Nikon SLR filter
Product code: 9672900030
Unit price 5.59-18.52$
Sold quantity 2273
Available stock 4974

Product parameters:

  • Bayonet Size: 40.5mm 49mm 52mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm
  • Brand: ABmcdc
  • Model: MRC UV
  • Filter type: multi-layer coating Uv mirror
  • Color Category: 'ultra-thin multi-layer coating three anti-UV mirror' 'light transmittance 99.5%' send lens paper

Taiwan Ai Bao new UV mirror series listing

'Ultra-thin 16-layer coating three anti-filter'

Waterproof, anti-planning, anti-fouling, high cost, quality is not satisfied with the unconditional return.

'ABMCDC love to protect the old and new customers for the return of the company's products long-term support'

Special spike 39 yuan from the mail sent to the lens paper 'Now add 500'After the sale to restore prices.

'Ai Bao has been working to do for your photography accessories'