Oaks heating | air conditioning fan | remote control | heater home | heater | heater

Oaks heating | air conditioning fan | remote control | heater home | heater | heater

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: AUX / OXIS NFS-20G
  • Brand: AUX / Oaks
  • Model: NFS-20G
  • Color Category: Black electronic version
  • Air conditioning fan type: well-being type
  • Water tank capacity: 3L (including) -5L (including)
  • Control: computer
  • Air supply type: natural wind sleep wind standard wind
  • How it works: Anion
  • Air conditioning fan timing function: 7.5 hours or more
  • Whether to support water and electricity protection: None
  • Stalls: 3 files

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