Beauty salons and personal DIY planting grafted sharpened false eyelashes naturally soft lifelike plant 60 / box 10 hairs

Beauty salons and personal DIY planting grafted sharpened false eyelashes naturally soft lifelike plant 60 / box 10 hairs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / appliances Category: plant false eyelashes
  • False eyelashes Terrier Category: Other Terrier
  • Style false eyelashes: tip the balance due
  • False eyelashes material: rayon
  • False eyelashes Length: 0.5cm (including) -1cm (free)
  • Brand: Moonstory / Meng Dai children
  • False eyelashes / false eyelashes tool a single product: eyelash grafting
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

The unit price of a box, a box of a length, this paragraph has 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm, three lengths photographed Remarks good length you want, not the Notes default hair 8MM!

{Note: There is no glue, no tools, if required, can be purchased together oh}

Thick slim eyelashes can set off deep eyes beautiful, ethereal and elegant.

In order to have beautiful long eyelashes, eyelash grafting benefits: not easy to fall off; holding time lasting about a month, and after grafting eyelash eyes indeed look some big!Allows you to easily create a sweet natural makeup!

Tips: Avoid giving your hair the wrong goods.

Because eyelash spot in 3 different lengths, pro photographed order, we need to give the message that you want the length of lashes oh. Or contact our customer service. Thank you! Default hair 8MM, another 10MM and 12MM optional Notes may need length.

Below is 8MM

Below is 10MM

Below is 12MM

There are a bunch of top 10 lashes, it is more convenient to their own operations, one eye as long as 3-5 beam can be, but this star models boudoir essential magic !!!

If you want to do for a long time for planting grafted eyelash glue eyelashes painted at the end of the beam, and then gently placed on their eyelashes can be, if only temporary, or usually there is entertainment fancy, you can use eyelid glue, sticky false eyelashes eyelash glue applied to the rear beam (beam eyelashes can repeatedly use), then gently placed on their eyelashes can be as long as 3-5 three minutes to get the mirror beam, shining electric eye done, not like grafting eyelash fix will not accidentally stick together their eyelashes have lost a lot, so those big stars without make-up artist to follow when in the front have to get yourself a few bundles, Oh, simple, and can be maintained own star charming electric eye image !!!

The correct method of taking hair

1, choose a wider engagement of forceps;
2-3, forceps tufts stem portion (root),
4, shared upward lift, tufts can be easily removed from the cardboard.

5. When the roots dip stick glue stick near the eyelashes, the closer the more natural.

6. After the paste Brush a layer of mascara on the perfect ~

You will often result eyelash short and trouble?

Every time I see a magazine that bright star moving eyes, very much like studies on makeup tips, beauty makeup but then also a little bit worse. This is because you do not have them totally natural false eyelashes.

What is the 'eyelash grafting surgery'?

'Eyelash grafting surgery' is an advanced, efficient eyelash growth of cosmetic surgery. 'Eyelash grafting surgery' is a core component of silk protein fiber extracted from super tack affinity agent from the eyes and eyelashes physiological abnormalities special, so the security requirements of high affinity agent traditional eyelash modified way, most of the shortcomings of a lot of, like electricity eyelashes, false eyelashes have different degrees of damage, and only urgent temporary relief.

'Eyelash grafting surgery' completely different from the stick false eyelashes. It is grafted some artificial lashes on the basis of the original lashes, length and curvature can be grafted vary according to different eye type, different design requirements a variety of effects, to achieve the desired length and curvature. after the graft is completed, eyes brilliance, it has an impact. eyelash grafting can be cleaned, as long swim, a sauna, and life itself eyelashes, no false eyelashes discomfort, no need to apply a more mascara.

Grafting eyelash benefits:

Suffer from perm eyelashes, not to hurt the eyelashes. The mascara eliminates all kinds of trouble and embarrassment.

More vivid than natural eyelashes grafted false eyelashes can be kept for three months, beginning to be stained with a small amount off 3-7 days, when the partial loss of the replanted once generally maintain relatively easy achievement for a long moment, beautiful eyes beauty; natural curl, enchanting charm. better withstand dust, glare and ultraviolet light, protecting the eyes.

Steps for usage:

1, beauticians first prepared by a small piece of plastic wrap pressed against the inside and outside corner of the eyelid edge line of brown, cover the lower lashes.

2, the upper lashes with eyelash comb neatly combed.

3, picked up with tweezers false eyelash randomly scattered on a soft towel or transparent glass.

4, will be a little special glue poured on transparent glass.

5, with a pointed tweezers to grab the end of false eyelashes, it's 2/3 dipped in a special glue.

6, dipped in glue false eyelashes connected to the outer side of eyelashes from the roots 0.5 to 1 mm in.

7, finishing with tweezers eyelash adhesive good.

8, must pay attention to: after grafting with the prepared dry glue will dry.

9, with eyelash comb to comb.

10, take the plastic wrap eyelids fall, dry with a paper towel or a piece of cotton scrubbed the lower eyelid.

Grafting eyelash essentials:

Following these steps is critical, to remember Oh,

1, shall be carried out on both sides of the order after the middle of grafted eyelashes.

2, should one by one gripping false eyelashes.

3, eyelash adhesive bonding should be spaced to prevent the influence of the glue is dry next Nianshang Qu false eyelashes, to be stuck on the front of a good eyelash glue dry and then filled.

4, sticky lashes should follow the middle of the long and short sides of the principle of false eyelashes proper pruning to maintain its sector characteristics that make eyelashes look more real and natural.