Beauty DIY Personal Grafting Grinding False Eyelashes Natural soft and lifelike Individual 60 plants / box 10 hairs

Beauty DIY Personal Grafting Grinding False Eyelashes Natural soft and lifelike Individual 60 plants / box 10 hairs

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / utensils categories: single false eyelashes
  • False eyelash stalk Category: Other Terrier
  • False eyelashes style: sharp tail section
  • False eyelash material: man-made fibers
  • False eyelash length: 0.5cm (including) -1cm (not included)
  • Brand: Moonstory / Meng Dai children
  • False eyelashes / false eyelashes tools single product: graft eyelashes
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Suitable for all skin types

The price is a box, a box of a length, this section has 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm, three lengths optional photographed Please note that the length you want, do not note the default hair 8MM or 10MM!

{Note: There is no glue without tools, if necessary, you can buy together Oh}

Dense lengthened eyelashes can set off the eyes were deep and beautiful, ethereal and elegant.

In order to have a beautiful long eyelashes, the benefits of grafting eyelashes are: not easy to fall off; to maintain a lasting time in a month or so, and grafting eyelashes eyes will indeed look bigger!Allowing you to easily create a sweet natural makeup!

Tips: to avoid sending you the wrong goods.

As the eyelashes have three kinds of spot length, pro photographed the order, you need to give us a message you need the length of the eyelashes Oh. Or contact our customer service. Thank you for cooperation! Default hair 8MM or 10MM, 12MM optional, can be required to note the length.

The figure is 8MM

The picture below is 10MM

The picture below is 12MM

A bunch of 10 lashes above, so it is more convenient to operate their own, one eye as long as 3 to 5 beam on it, this is the star model boudoir essential magic!

If you want to do long-term planting with the grafted eyelash glue applied to the tail of the eyelash bundle, and then gently on your eyelashes on it, if only temporary entertainment or usual make-up, you can use double eyelid glue, sticky false eyelashes (Eyelash bundles can be used repeatedly), and then gently on your eyelashes on it as long as 3 to 5 beam to the mirror 3 minutes to get, shiny electric eye is completed, not like the end of the eyelash bundle, Grafting eyelashes get together will not stick their careless loss of their eyelashes have a lot, so those big stars in the absence of a makeup artist to follow the time to go out before they have to get a few bunches of the Oh, simple, and can be maintained Their star charming electric eye image !!!

Correct hair removal method

1, choose a bite width of the tweezers;
2-3, with a pair of tweezers to clamp the hair bundle stems (roots),
4, shared again to mention, hair bundle can easily be removed from the cardboard.

5. When the root stickers attached to the stickers attached to the eyelashes near the nearer the more natural.

6. After a good paste Brush a layer of mascara ~ on the perfect

You will often because of short eyelashes and trouble?

Whenever you see the magazine star bright moving eyes, very much want to study makeup skills, but then the beautiful makeup is also a little bit worse, because you do not have their natural fake eyelashes.

What is 'eyelash grafting'?

'Eyelash Grafting' is an advanced, fast eyelash growth cosmetic surgery. 'Eyelash grafting' core component is a silk protein fiber extracted from the super-viscous affinity agent due to eye and eyelashes abnormal physiological structure Special, so the safety requirements of the high affinity of the traditional way of eyelash modification, most of the many drawbacks, like electric lashes, false eyelashes have different degrees of injury, and only a temporary emergency needs.

'Eyelash grafting' is completely different from the sticky false eyelashes. It is based on the original eyelashes grafted artificial lashes, to graft length and curvature can vary, depending on the eye type, different needs to design A variety of effects, to achieve the desired length and degree of curvature.Grafting is completed, the binocular brilliance, it is the feeling of shines.Elashes can be cleaned after cleaning, swimming, sauna, and their own eyelashes as long life, no false eyelashes Of uncomfortable feeling, no need to apply mascara.

The benefits of grafting eyelashes:

From the pain of eyelashes, not to hurt eyelashes, mascara removed from the various problems and embarrassment.

More natural than the false eyelashes.Graft eyelashes can be maintained for three months, beginning to get stained to 3-7 days there will be a small amount off, then replantation of a local fall off, the general can be maintained for a long time to easily achieve beautiful eyes beauty; Curling, distributed charming charm. Better to resist dust, light and ultraviolet rays, protect the eyes.

Steps for usage:

1, beauticians will first be prepared by a small piece of plastic wrap inside and outside the corners of the eyelid pressure in the brown line, cover the lower eyelashes.

2, with the eyelash comb comb the eyelashes neatly.

3, with tweezers folder to take false eyelashes randomly scattered in a soft tissue paper or transparent glass.

4, will be a little special glue poured on a transparent glass.

5, with pointed tweezers caught the end of false eyelashes, it will be 2/3 dipped in a special glue.

6, will be dipped in glue false eyelashes from 0.5 ~ 1 mm away from the roots of the lateral lashes.

7, with small tweezers finishing bonding good eyelashes.

8, a certain Note: After grafting ready to use the dryer to glue dry.

9, comb with the eyelash comb.

1 0, remove the lower eyelid cling film, wipe with a paper towel or dry cotton under the eyelids.

Graft eyelash essentials:

The following steps are very critical and need to be remembered.

1, grafting eyelashes should be the first two sides after the middle of the order.

2, one should be a folder to take false eyelashes.

3, sticky eyelashes should be separated from the adhesive to prevent the glue is not dry effect next to the sticky false eyelashes, to be in front of a good sticky eyelashes glue dry and then filled.

4, sticky eyelashes should follow the long, short on both sides of the principle of false eyelashes appropriate pruning, in order to maintain its fan-shaped features, so that eyelashes look more real.