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As hee sandals shoes 2016 summer new Korean version of sweet thick with high heels Rome shoes fashion shoes Baotou

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Product parameters:

  • Insole material: PU
  • Brand: If Hee
  • Product Number: R16XLLD164436
  • Listing Year season: 2016 Spring
  • Style: Sweet
  • Help surface material: PU
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Toe style: Baotou
  • High heel: high-heeled (5-8cm)
  • With bottom styles: thick with
  • Upper height: help low
  • Popular elements: belt buckle decorative metal foot ring strap belt buckle decorated with Roman-style rough
  • Color Category: Pink Black Gray
  • Size: 343536373839
  • After the help: ankle strappy
  • Closed way: a word type strap
  • pattern: plain
  • Shoe production process: Adhesive shoes
  • Occasion: Daily
  • Suitable for: youth (18-40 years old)
  • Style: Fashion Sandals

About Size: Each style we will be someone to try to define shoe size whether there are deviations, the pro can also refer to our customer's evaluation and the pre-MM
Introduction. Because everyone's feet are different, so because of inappropriate size, there are deviations, need to return, please take care of themselves postage.
About Odor: Our products are very hot, all products packaged directly at the production line, it is inevitable that some odor is normal, as long as the air flow at the place
A period of time can be eliminated.
About Scratch Because matte leather scratches capillaries produced by most buyers considered 'marks flaws', this situation is inevitable, in itself does not affect the
Wear, can not accept the pro do not shoot Oh!
about delivery: Shop default courier for the pass, less area hair EMS, free shipping only mainland region, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas do not mail in remote areas, we need to find a customer service make up the difference.
About time: We are in accordance with the normal time Taobao shipments, met holidays, the store will have advance notice. Please note that the restaurant does not accept any order notes, need repair
Change a variety of online information, please contact Want.
On foot wear: We know that everyone's feet are different, and the shoes have a run-in period for some time in some detail, leather shoes, after a period of time will be able
Adapt to our feet, we will feel comfortable wearing.
About returned: With parents who received the parcel where we will put the return process, the process can be carried out in accordance with quality problems returned or non-quality problems return. Because of rhyme delivery is not timely, the parcel affect aging process, so the store does not accept rhyme delivery Oh.
Shooting Description:
NUHEELl foot mold impressions, models and product plans are 100% real shot diagram interception of non-magazine website, Pirates of the reserved.
Image color due to different monitors might be a little different, under the control diagram can be substantially adjusted.
Other problems encountered before and after the purchase can consult online customer service, thank you!

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