Edifier / Edifier C3 Multimedia Computer Speaker independent amplifier | 2.1 active stereo subwoofer

Edifier / Edifier C3 Multimedia Computer Speaker independent amplifier | 2.1 active stereo subwoofer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Cruiser C3
  • Packaging volume: 452 * 333 * 398mm
  • Channel: 2.1 + 1
  • Condition: New
  • Gross Weight: 18
  • Cabinet Material: Wood
  • color: black
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Cruiser
  • Cruiser Model: C3

In the external amplifier product cohabitation when Edifier C2 timely introduction of the product, sets the standard for high-end independent amplifier products. Great success at C2 on the basis of persistent efforts to launch Edifier C3. The sound quality is more beautiful, more advanced technology, more rich handling experience rolled into a more humane C3 is no longer a simple multimedia speakers, but a rambler home appliances C3 uses patented technology EIDC intelligent distortion control system (patent number: ZL200520018567.8)., it has been used in C2, the result rave reviews. EIDC intelligent distortion control system can effectively protect the speakers and to prevent excessive sound when the sonic boom caused by the occurrence, EIDC like an invisible friend, quietly protecting your ears and speakers .

Briefly, EIDC function has several advantages:

  • Automatically adapt to a variety of sources

  • Stereo speaker protection

  • Protect your ears

  • Pleasure to meet your control

  • Meet your little vanity - in front of friends Show off this unique feature:)

Several functions EIDC intelligent control system:

  • EIDC collection system to detect distortion parameters from the amplifier end, intelligent control amplifier gain, eliminating clipping, ensure better output quality.

  • Using micro-chip central processing unit (MCU) and program optimization algorithm to calculate parameters only need to be adjusted when adjusted to ensure that the original dynamic music.

  • EIDC through intelligent control amplifier gain realized on the different sources of high and low level inputs compatible ensure low distortion sound, effectively avoiding damage to the sound system.

  • With EIDC new technology, C3 can be called all-rounder sound. You can take your connected TV / computer / MP3 / DVD / CD / other sources, casual listening to various styles of music.

Martial arts master, moves in the invisible, high-end design, should without user involvement, EIDC, the user unconsciously, complete all the intelligent control.

C3 using an external power amplifier design, improved handling, tall and dignified exterior design, the volume is greater than many similar products. And metal casing, allows for heat dissipation, solid work fine, to further improve the security, but also better isolation space clutter , played a role in shielding. this external amp can also be placed in a horizontal, determined by the user. the front panel translucent mirror materials, LED digital display indicates the occult thereafter, the power is to see that this simple design fashion, than those who like a mosaic dial electronic elegance many similar products in the front panel also placed headphone output jack, when inserted into the headset automatically mutes the speaker while AUX input jack, it is for your small portable device is ready , such as MP3. external amplifier in the back, there is a set of PC sound card input and CD input is available, you can switch between different audio devices set free.

C3 using a large knob, a sense of moderate damping, has a very good feel let rotation. Cruiser precision CNC machining technology, but also to the knob itself has a good metal exterior and a delicate touch. In order to allow users to better grasp the amplitude of accommodation during the rotary knob, you can feel a slight sense of scale. when energized, the knob will turn around an orange charm aperture.

C3 amplifier circuit is simple and efficient, in order to secure the heat, using a large-volume aluminum radiator.

C3 uses ST Microelectronics STMicroelectronics produced the TDA7379 power amplifier chip, strong power, outstanding sound quality can not be overemphasized. It has been used successfully in the classic C2.

This op amp classic NE5532, the legendary quality of the chip. The chip will not guarantee the C3 quality bottleneck.

C3 external amplifier provides a wealth of control features, you can be controlled by touch buttons and knobs, you can also use the remote control to operate. Within 8 meters, easy remote control, all functions can be controlled. You can continue sofa nap remote controller fine shape, as is the consumable accessories, and more specially designed two volume control buttons and prolong life. All control functions are in order to better enjoy the music.

C3 control functions as follows:

  • Master volume control, adjustment range 0-60 grade.

  • When access to the headset, you can also adjust the master volume control the volume of the headset.

  • Treble trim control, allowing treble become bright or moderately attenuated to meet the user's listening habits to adjust the range of plus or minus 7 each.

  • Subwoofer volume control, control the intensity and the amount of bass. Each adjustment range of plus or minus 9.

  • Mute function is useful when you answer the phone.

  • On Standby switch.

  • PC / CD audio switch.

  • Parameter values ​​for all control programs can be displayed on the rear panel of the hidden LED digital display indicates the front. In order to achieve precise regulation.

C3 of the satellites is typical of classic style, using high quality MDF manufacture, use silk tweeter and 3.5-inch midrange unit. C3 of the satellites rigorous acoustic design and verification, it is no easy feat. Closed style acoustic structure, it has to ensure that the satellites C3 will sound clean and detailed a lot. Back satellites also designed with hanging hole, except that you can put on your computer desktop C3, C3 of the satellites can also hang on the LCD both sides of the TV.

C3 refreshing high-frequency performance, high-quality silk tweeter diaphragm, high-capacity magnetic NdFeB magnets, the high cost. It's all about quality.

The 3.5-inch midrange speaker diameter (left), is intended to provide better frequency performance, and better response performance.

There are just not enough good speaker, but truly reflect the essence of the design is the acoustic frequency divider. C3 at the cost of satellites designed a divider, which can ensure a good tweeter and midrange performance show and to coordinate among each other's work. solid cabinet, the high cost of speakers and careful acoustic design, so that ordinary speakers C3 erase flaws, has a good musical start with C3 music, not just control convenient, but also nice, Naiting.

C3 is equipped with an 8-inch-diameter subwoofer, huge volume, but also strong power. Low speaker inverted tube using a patented surface diffusion Cruiser design, can effectively cuts wind noise and enhance sound quality.

Woofer with a long-stroke design that few large-diameter woofer, provides extraordinary low frequency experience in high-power external amplifier steady stream of support, I believe we can get a lot of bass like crazy.

Cruiser not only from a performance perspective for your consideration, Edifier with other products, the design of all materials involved in the manufacture of C3 are in line with the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Control Management Measures" national environmental standards to be implemented, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and other flame retardants. electrical aspects of safety and more considerate, does not exist as a serious certain similar products security risks. You can be assured of safe use of C3, it will be safe in your home and loyal one.

  • Amplifier output power:
  • The satellites channels: RMS 8W × 2 (THD + N = 10%, f = 1kHz)
  • Bass Channel: RMS 30W (THD + N = 10%, f = 80Hz)
  • Power Amplifier SNR:> = 85dBA
  • Distortion (%): ≤0.5
  • Adjust form: the front panel knob to adjust the power amplifier, remote adjustment
  • Woofer: 8 inch (outside diameter of 210mm), magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Midrange unit: 3.5 inch (outer diameter 92mm), magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Tweeter: 13mm diameter silk film tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Transformer output power: 60W (20V × 3A)
  • Low speaker box dimensions: 268 (W W) × 330 (height H) × 309 (depth D) mm
  • Satellites Box Size: 116 (W W) × 203 (height H) × 160 (depth D) mm