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Digital NVR 8-way 960P / 720P network DVR 8-way host | Mobile phone monitoring

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Product parameters:

  • Memory capacity: 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB None
  • Brand: rsj
  • Model: sharp as the Czech Republic 8 Road NVR
  • Number of surveillance cameras: 8

1. Remote monitoring:

Step online, Abandoned a variety of complex settings, through the cloud services, easy to achieve a variety of network penetration, one step to achieve remote monitoring.

Mobile phone monitoring:Support for various models intelligent Phone monitoring (iPhone, Android)

2.display effect:

display effect: Support for high-definition VGA, high-definition HDMI output at the same time, the real HD resolution output to lead the trend of technology

3 VCR Compatibility:

In the network protocol, NVR network DVR used , ONVIF open network video interface compatible The market On almost can be achieved99.99%

ONVIF protocol : Intent for the open network video interface , which is OpenNetworkVideoInterfaceForum

The NVR uses the ONVIF protocol Advantage:

1, collaboration: different manufacturers to provide the products, can be through a unified 'language' to communicate. Facilitate the integration of the system.

2, flexibility: end-users and integrated users do not need to be bound by some of the inherent solutions for the device, greatly reducing development costs.

3, quality assurance: the norms will continue to expand the market-oriented, follow the norms but also to meet the needs of mainstream users.

type number



Main processor

Industrial-grade embedded micro-controller Huawei Hass chip

operating system

Embedded LINUX operating system

System resources

At the same time multi-channel real-time video, real-time playback, multi-network operation, USB backup


Operation interface

16-bit true color graphical user interface, support for mouse operation

The screen displays

1/4 screen


Video standard

PAL (625 lines, 50 fields / second); NTSC (525 lines, 60 fields / second)

Image coding

H.264 (High Profile);

Monitoring quality


Playback quality

1080P / D1

Video access

8-channel 1080P / 960P / 720P / 8-channel D1 access to storage

Motion Detection

Each screen can be set 396 (22 * 18) detection area; can set the multi-level sensitivity

(Local channel only)


Audio compression



not support

Recording and playback

Recording mode

Manual> Alarm> Motion detection> Timing

Local playback

1-way playback (1080P mode); 4-way playback (D1 mode)

Video query

Time retrieval, calendar retrieval, event retrieval, channel retrieval

Storage and backup

Each way takes up hard disk space

Channel, 720P 24 ~ 30G / day * channel, 960H 12 ~ 20G / day * channel, 720P 24 ~ 30G / day * channel,

Audio: 691.2M / day * channel

Save the video

Local hard drive, network

Backup method

Network backup, USB mobile hard disk, USB burning, SATA burning


Video input


Video output

1 channel VGA, 1 channel HDMI

Audio Input


Audio output


Alarm input


Alarm output


Network Interface

1 * RJ45 10M / 100M self-adapting Ethernet port

PTZ control


USB interface

2 USB ports

Hard disk interface

1 SATA interface (each support up to 4T)


Onvif protocol


power supply

12V / 2A


255 (L) * 215 mm (W) * 45 mm (H)

When using EasyView, please follow the steps below:
1. Connect the EasyView device to the network.
2. Enable the UPnp function on the router. If the router does not support the UPnp function, manual mapping can achieve the same effect.
3. Set the network parameters of the device, such as IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS address and other parameters, the part of the set can refer to the relevant equipment, easy to network instructions
4. Easy to see in the network equipment to enable easy-to-network functions, the specific operation, please refer to the relevant device easy to network equipment.
5. Login to our website www.dvr163.com, enter your EasyView device ID in the login interface (should be in the device's network settings interface to query) and easy network device user name, password To log on,